CFLHorsemen Update: REDBLACKS Expansion Mock Draft

I know every CFL fan can’t wait to see what is going to happen for the upcoming REDBLACKS Expansion Draft. I am no different, and as soon as I saw the release of the free agent lists, almost uncontrollably, I started to assemble the protected lists for each team and conduct a draft. You can see all of my work here. It took several hours to compile and I hope you appreciate the effort.

I suspect that there will be different ideas that what I presented and so I encourage you to let me know how I did in my first ever Expansion Mock Draft. Hopefully, we will have a few more of these in the upcoming years.

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I did something similar but not quite that extensive. You did a lot of work there. I had quite a few players the same. But I thought that Ottawa might pass on kickers and go for a FA like Milo or Whyte, or maybe just go with an import who could do both punting and field goals. That would give them a better shot at another Canadian. I have them taking Tate. I know he has had some injury problems, but I think he is more of a winner and has more talent than 35 year old Glenn.
I agree Marcel is going to have to get his check book out in February to bolster this line up, and watch the waiver wire as well. He will have more to spend than the other teams though, so that should help. The player agents will know this of course.

Hugh O'Neill did an excellent job in BC, even though he struggled in Edmonton. If the REDBLACKS didn't take O'Neill, the next guy on my list for them to take was Donovan Alexander, but non-import defensive backs were readily available through the draft so I didn't think he'd be so important.

Once you eliminate all the free agents and all the protected players, the talent gets pretty thin.

Interesting, but no way the Bombers protect Shannon Boatman, Terrance Edwards or likely Greg Peach.

Switch 3 of the 4 available starters listed for those 3 and it's close. Probably Kelly, Markett and Wild, as the Bombers plan to go with Neufeld at Tackle so no reason to protect 2 I OT's(Jarvis Jones)

Also Rene Stephan is incorrectly labelled on the Ottawa depth chart as Hamilton.

Also as I said in another thread IMO it doesn't make sense for Ottawa to draft DeMarco, it makes more sense to draft Marsh in Montreal, a QB who Desjardin likely knows better being MTL's AGM.
But also because you'll get far better NI talent from BC then MTL(based on the number of pending FA's) it's better to get a non-QB I and a solid starter from BC then a QB and a fringe starter.

Also IMO no way AC is even considered, he'd retire rather then play for anyone but the Als, and is likely retiring anyways.

Overall it does give a good view of what things will look like though.