CFLHorsemen Update: REDBLACKS Expansion Mock Draft

I know every CFL fan can’t wait to see what is going to happen for the upcoming REDBLACKS Expansion Draft. I am no different, and as soon as I saw the release of the free agent lists, almost uncontrollably, I started to assemble the protected lists for each team and conduct a draft. You can see all of my work here. It took several hours to compile and I hope you appreciate the effort.

I suspect that there will be different ideas that what I presented and so I encourage you to let me know how I did in my first ever Expansion Mock Draft. Hopefully, we will have a few more of these in the upcoming years.

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Very interesting, just took a quick look and will evaluate later. I may not agree with all of the picks but I appreciated the work you have put into it. I still don't see Kevin Glenn being selected through the draft but I seem to be in the minority with this.

Thanks :thup: :cowboy:

Nice job putting this together. I always appreciate when someone actually takes the time to put a bit of thought into something like this.

Really have to question a few of your predictions though. Why would the new expansion team take a back up NI OLineman (Wilson) when they could take a starting NI safety (Fraser)? Wouldn't make any sense for them to get caught up on the misguided notion that you can hide your weak NI starters on the interior of the OLine. Failed miserably for BC this year.

Same deal with Saskatchewan. You've got the new expansion team selecting Picard over Foley. Picard's play has slipped noticeably over the past couple seasons, especially this year. Now ask yourself if you'd rather have Picard at $150k or Foley at $90k. To me it's an absolute no brainer.

if Foley does, infact, make only $90K, he's a steal. IMO, he's worth $175K or more.

Childress is a Stampeders fan, I'd trust his take on his own team. From the limited games I've seen Fraser play, he's not a starting calibre safety in this league, I really don't think Ottawa would select him.

oooh, the Als protecting Brandon London over Jamel Richardson? I would reverse that IMO. London had a horrible 2013 season and was easily surpassed by Duron Carter. Keeping London over Richardson also only saves you a couple years in age, but you're keeping a guy who has never had a 1000 yard season and exposing a guy who had 5 consecutive 1000 yard seasons prior to his injury this year. Most of the other selections I would agree with minor changes.

London and Richardson will not be protected by the Als and the REDBLACKS won't select one of these 2 players.


Bombers will not protect Boatman(pending FA and useless), Terrance Edwards(35 in '14 and atm no higher then the BB's #3 rec after Denmark and Watson) or IMO Peach.
I'd expect Wild, Markett and Kelly are more likely to be protect or possible McAdoo, Sims-Walker, Woods or Griggs instead of Markett, not saying that would be smart though as Markett should be one of the Bombers starting CB's in '14 at least heading into TC.

Also for Montreal no way Ottawa even considers AC, he'll retire rather then play there and likely retire if he isn't picked anyways.
I'd say Marsh is very likely to be the 2nd QB picked, because as I said in the other thread, it makes the most sense in terms of NI depth to not pick DeMarco and to pick QB's from Calgary and Montreal as both will have a QB with term exposed that has had starts AND it's the ideal mix, 35 year old(in '14) Kevin Glenn with Grey cup experience, and 24 year old Tanner Marsh with tons of upside.
Glenn starts in '14 and Ottawa hopes Marsh is able to take over sometime in 2015, with Glenn moving to his back-up(#1A QB)

Although it's fairly well done and it's hard to tell exactly how things will play out.
I also wonder just how apprehensive Desjardin is to taking a pending FA in the final round from a team like Montreal and Calgary loaded with pending FA's, I can see them rolling the dice on: *AGAIN in the final round only
Marc-Olivier Brouillette(MTL) who yes is a Montreal guy, but he is also a guy kind of buried behind Emry, if Ottawa offered him starters money to re-sign he might be willing to do it and Ottawa isn't exactly a long drive for Montreal and is a city with a large french population(well Gatineau is there) so he doesn't even need to leave Quebec really he can live on that side of the border.
Jabari Arthur or Legare (CGY) - Again Quebec guys who would be near home and could be offered expanded roles in Ottawa vs. Calgary, so fairly likely they'd sign a deal with Ottawa before FA.

You're right, there's no way of knowing how the new expansion team is going to approach the draft. Go with a bunch of young unproven guys who've never started and hope you hit on one or two lottery tickets? Go with a bunch of veterans and worry about having an old and washed up team in a couple of years?

Unless Ricky Ray or Durant is available, it doesn't make any sense to take a QB and then lose out on two NI the team would then be able to protect. There's too many QBs that will be available as FAs to waste a draft pick on an sacrifice your NI selections.

I agree with your suggestion of taking a flyer on a FA Canadian in the last round. But why go with a second string guy like Brouillette when they could go after Emry instead? And why go after Arthur when they could go after Tsoumpas instead?

If you're going to take a gamble on drafting a FA in the hope that you can sign him during that 2 month window, go big and take the best FAs available. Even if the new expansion team can just manage to sign one or two, that's going to be a much bigger impact than just playing it safe and drafting a bunch of NIs that are #18 or #20 on the depth chart.

The eight existing teams are trying to get cute and leave as many players as they can as FAs. If I'm the new expansion team I call their bluff and announce tomorrow that I'll be drafting the best available NI players - - regardless of contract status. That means:

Riders - Craig Butler
Stamps - Dimitri Tsoumpas
Esks - Teddy Laurent
Als - Shea Emry
Bombers - Henoc Muamba

There's concerns about Tsoumpas regarding concussion from what I understand. Selecting him is a big risk if true.

The Esks were supposedly trying to trade Ted Laurent early last season because his intention was to try his hand at the NFL and he would not sign a new deal. He'd be another big risk and probably a wasted pick as I could see him being a training camp body for some NFL club next season.

M-O Brouillette has the side gig as a lawyer in Montreal. I'm not sure he'll head to Ottawa if picked, but would be a good pick IMO. Arthur is another one. He's buried on the NI receiver depth chart in Calgary, showed some ability late this season, finally, after all those years of doing nothing and he could be a break out player.

Looking back at the projected protected lists, I'm not so sure the Als protect Jerome Messam in their first wave of NIs. Most of the time it didn't seem like they wanted to give him the ball and were quick to abandon him when Sutton came on.

I think some of the recent signings will shake the draft up a bit. Price, Picard, Bagg will all likely be protected now... not to mention the extensions to Getzlaf and LaBatte (but they were already likely to be protected).

My question is on a few of the teams, you protected a 7th NI, but did not show a Kicker/Punter being taken.

From SK

Round 3: 6 more Canadians to be protected (I protected 7 because one is likely to get selected in Round 2)

  1. Picard, Dominic
  2. Foley, Ricky
  3. Hurl, Sam
  4. Clark, Dan
  5. Steinhauer, Levi
  6. McCullough, Mike
  7. Evans, Zack

But the potential picks are

  1. Tea George DL
  2. Dominic Picard C
  3. Black, Tristan LB

None of whom are kickers, so based on that, SK wouldn't get an extra protection slot.

How I took that, is that one of those 7 he listed will be taken in the first NI round, so then the remaining 6 will be protected. Not that he was protecting 7.

If Laurent does get some NFL interest he deserves it he has been great. If he does not he will get plenty of CFL Free agent interest as well being an all star DT and a Canadian at that.
Import Almanod Sewell is also an All star DT. The Esksa are also still loaded with Canadian Dline talent to shuffle in the starting lineup and roatation. Cappy is a DE. Dan O is a seasoned vet and Eddie steal still gives the Esks a very formable and had a great rookie season and a great season in the rotation in 2013.
So the best for the esks if they cannot sign Laurent is that he does go to an NFL camp get released and is back in uniform signing with the Esks.
However it may not be that easy as his services will be highly sought after in the CFL

Ottawa(Desjardin) has stated he'll take two QB's. Burris won't hit FA, but yes Collaros, Nichols, Willy and Neiswander will, thing is that would be a huge gamble to not take any QB's.

There is a clear reason to not go with Emry or Tsoumpas, because they are stars on their current teams and likely already have deals lined up, so even if you throw a pile of $$ at them there is a near 0% chance they'll re-sign with Ottawa and just go back to MTL/CGY as FA's in 2 months instead.

But with a guy like Brouillette who has seen spot starts or Arthur, Ottawa would be giving them raises and a real opportunity at a starting job, or in the Laurent/Mitchell case a chance to be closer to home.

I also doubt Brouillette's Lawyer job would have a big impact, as to my understanding he was going to see if he could keep doing it as a part time/off-season job after he finishes his 5 weeks left of articling he has this off-season.
So he could keep working as a lawyer in MTL in the off-season or find a job in Ottawa, which isn't exactly short of opportunities for lawyers... especially bilingual ones, I'm sure one of the OSEG group owners could even pull a string or two and line him up with an off-season job. :wink:

Thats a good point with a very well engraved group of Ottawa businessman making up the OSEG group they will have connections for some frindge benefits in signing players in the Nations BiLingual capitol

First off Kudos to you for all the thought and work put into this :thup: As for your list though of protected Ti-Cats,a few things I don't agree with,and some things that I question.

#1.....Import List: I mostly agree with your selections,but would switch out Webb for Breaux and Norwood for Simmons.
The other 8 choices I would agree with,so not IMO to far off the mark here.

#2.....Canadian list:With Dyakowski,my guess is that you made up your lists before the Grey Cup was played,with Pete getting injured in the game,I would now leave him unprotected and take a chance on Ottawa not wanting to take a chance on a player,most likely needing off season surgery and rehab and would switch him out with Plesius on the protected list.I agree that if Plesius is left unprotected,the RB's will certainly draft him,no doubt about it,therefore he goes on the protected list.

#3.....This one"s most likely just an error,put I noticed you have Plesius being drafted in the 2nd round of draft,but protected in the 3rd round as well ??? A team can't very well protect someone in the 3rd round who has already been drafted in the 2nd round,can they ??? Oh well like I said most likely just an oversight on your part,easy enough to do.

#4.....I agree that the team will most likely lose Delahunt to the RB's as he is a local product,who is from and grew up in Ottawa.

#5....With Plesius on my protected list,I feel that the other Cdn at risk of being drafted will be one of these 5 available players: S.Charbonneau-wr/N.King-s/D.Stala-wr/T.O'Neill-ol/G.Nadon-dl or if the RB's opt for a kicker maybe Bartel

#6....I agree that the Cats might very well lose Davis-cb but if not I would say any of these other 5 players:
L.Tasker-wr/E.Norwood-de/C.Walker-rb/M.Bowman/O.Jones-wr could be at risk of being drafted.

#7....I also noticed that on your mock RB Depth chart,you have Stephen from Ham listed at LB,my guess is just another oversight or typo on your part.There is noway that the Cats don't protect him,and besides he plays safety,not linebacker.

I have to admit,the speculation is endless and intriguing as to who from the Cats as well as the other 7 teams will or won't be drafted/protected.I guess we will all just have to wait and see next week how close your mock draft and everybody else's predictions were,when the real draft finally takes place.In closing though great job,nice work,great effort on your part in putting this mock draft together. :smiley: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

Well the wait is almost over,tomorrow we all find out just which 3 players on which teams are now REDBLACKS aka Checkerboard players for the 2014 season.It'll be interesting indeed to see who the 24 players drafted are and from which teams.Right now the only consensus pick seems to be Kevin Glenn as one of the possible 2 q.b's chosen.I'm sure that there will be a few surprises in the draft,with unexpected and not mentioned players going to Ottawa.It is certainly going to be interesting to see how it all pans out in the draft,like just exactly what will be the RB's strategy??? Will they just go for the best player available or will they go by position and weigh in the ratio strengths and weaknesses of drafting certain players at key positions,will they also throw a wrench into the draft and select possible FA after saying publicly that it wasn't in their game plan to do so???.You also have to wonder how and will they mix up drafting a blend of seasoned veteran players as opposed to perhaps younger guys with more upside and future potential.I hate the fact that the Cats are going to lose 3 of our players,but on the other hand,it's a necessary evil that comes with the addition of a new team in the league.Oh well I guess all these questions and many more will all be answered starting tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. I can't wait!!!!! It's going to be very,very interesting to say the least just to see which 24 players are going to be drafted and from which teams!!!!

A back up OLineman or a starting S that can also contribute on ST? Seemed like a no brainer to me - - I guess it was for the new expansion team too.

I always trust my evaluations and assessments.

Wow!!! Looking at your projected Ottawa depth chart,outside of correctly picking both Q.B.'s the only other 2 players you correctly predicted in your mock draft were Delahunt from Ham. and Eppelle from Tor. Just goes to show you how difficult and unpredictable these projections can be.All in all though,hats off to you for putting in all the effort in your mock draft,it was fun and intriguing but now that the Checkerboards have drafted their 24 players,the real fun is about to start.They now have officially approx. 1/2 a team roster,should be interesting how the the other 1/2 of the roster will be chosen(Cdn draft/free agents/trades etc)It is though rather ironic that Ottawa without even played a down of football yet,appears to be in far better shape at the q.b position than the established Blue Bombers. I'm thinking that this off season will see a lot of player movement in the free agency market,and lots of new faces in new uniforms when the 2014 season rolls around.I'm guessing that the Bombers will figure out their Q.B questions when the free agency frenzy begins in February,and I'm also expecting that Ottawa will be very active as well,attempting to sign as many FA as possible,to round out their roster.