CFL'er's in the NFL

I was surfing the NFL webpage to see how Garcia did today, (would have won he '95 Grey Cup if they hadn't given the ball to Flutie), and I noticed that Mark Nohra is on the Falcons. Maybe I've just been living under a rock, but how many CFLers are in the NFL this season? I don't watch the NFL, but I do cheer for teams that have former CFLers on it. I could look for myself, but I'm more of a destination guy than an "about the journey" type. If there is a few, I may buy Madden '06 after all and make all the CFL teams.

Doug Flutie is with the Pats

Mike Sellers had 2 touchdowns today for the Redskins.

AH! Redskins!!!!! I hate the RS!!!!!! they are EVIL!!!!

Boerichter. KC

Why do u hate the Redskins?? So u can add to
your posts? LOL

HAHAHAAAA!!! No, Eskylo, becase their nickname is Racist and offensive, almost like the Eskimos.


But we are getting off topic, back to nameing former CFLer's currently playing in the No Fun League.

I think that we as individuals have to respect the era in which these team nicknames were created, and that they were basically socially acceptable back then.

KK will look for anything. Its a joke, like he's become.

Do native americans really fine offense to the names??

Not that ive met.

Mate, if Native Americans didn't care, I wouldn't care, now spot messing with me.

i had a huge discussion about this once....i say it would be an honour to have a football team named after your Cowboys care because Dallas uses their name? not that i know...why would native americans be special? just because they use it as their name doesn't mean it's used negatively. it just means we have too much reverse racism and we and they have become too sensitive

I believe it’s an honor to have a team named after you, but “REDSKINS!!!” no! WARROIRS, now that’s more like it!!! WASHINGTON WARROIRS!!! has a nice ring to it.

  • Lawrence Tynes (ex-Ren) is with the Chiefs.
  • DJ Johnson (ex-Als) is with the Jets.

Among CFL draftees who never played in the CFL:

  • Alain Kashama (drafted by Mtl) is in Seattle.
  • Nick Kaczur (drafted by Tor) is in New England.
  • Jesse Palmer (drafted by Mtl) floats around somewhere "evaluating his options".

Thanks for putting the topic back on track, 3nd.

Mike Sellers used to play for the Bombers and is now with the Redskins. Who is playing outstanding. Keep up the good work, Big Mike.

Boy do I miss him....

DJ Johnson is no longer with the jets he's back in the cfl I guess he got bored of being useless there so he came back here to be useless. Also eskimos is a very good name for a football team its native for savages which is a very fitting name for a football team

I don't know abou that (?"savages"?), buy an Eskimo Fan pointed out to me a while back about a different way to look at the name.

Hey, at least the Eskimos fans aren't like those Ata Braves SOBs fans. I'm not compaining too much.

Edmonton Energy is a great name for a team from Edmonton, don't you guys think? maybe not for the CFL team though.

He's back in the CFL?...

mada7, I am very curious to know where you hold this information from, because Darrien "DJ" Johnson was still a member of the Jets' practice squad when I checked last weekend...

DJ has come back from the Darkness and into the light!!!! YES!!!!

I was just saying on another thread how much I miss Tynes. What a great kicker!

lets not call eskimos savages please....

lets not forget Rod Smart who was in Edmonton for a short time