cflers gone south.

just curious which ex cfl players you continue to watch now they they have joined the evil nfl empire. juran bolden, mike sellers and garcia are the top three for me. and maybe i should throw boericther, and vanderj in there as well.

Garcia, Sellers, Boerichter...(I heard he's in Green Bay now???Can someone confirm?)

Lawrence Tynes.

Eric Wilson, Not sure what team

This is a few years back, but I really liked Vaugh Booker who played for the Chiefs. I think he is retired now.

What about returnies, like Arlain Bruce, Ricky Ray, Ron Warner,Albert Johnson III.. And soon to be returning Casey Printers...

...Jon Ryan........and latest of all Kyries Hebert.....but only in HIS mind.....i guess really.... he has one foot in the CFL....and one in the he dosen't :lol:

That is funny as hell, you should add that comment about Hebert to the quote of the year… :lol:

I forgot about Ryan, there is a good chance he could be back by mid season…

How do you figure Winner? of all the CFLers going south i figured Ryan would be the most likely to stick cause kicking a ball far is kicking a ball far in any league.

Not the NFL... Hang time is key in NFL.. Ryan out kicked his ST unit last year. he kicks far but, not enough hang time IMO....

He could improve in that area,however.. I wish him luck...

fair enough.

flutie should still get honorable mention as well but i am assuming he is done at this point.

Remember Reggie Roby’s seven second hangtime? Legendary…may he rest in ‘punter’ peace…

I'll be checkin' out Rashad Jeanty with the bengals this year.

Derek Armstrong. Used to play for the Riders and is currently with the Texans I believe.

Jeron Bolden had a nice little comeback year last season...many thought he was done.