You guys hear about the fact that the pro football hall of fame doesn't recognize CFL accomplishments into their decision to induct someone? Shows you how much of a bush league this really is. The only people who care about this league are westerners who got nothing to do in the summer and winnipeg. Please get the argos out of here, move them to Halifax or wherever there is nothing to do. I don't even want to see this useless league in the newspaper nor have these part time gas pumping players at my school every weekend. They should go to a small town where they get more respect, they'll probably be treated like gods.

Wait, maybe hamilton cares since their only pro team is the AHL bulldogs, lol. Why does this site still have the Renegades on their banner? I thought they folded for the 20th time or something.

Do the argos still have the 90 year old quarterback? I am not wishing death to the whole league, but please take the argos and ship em away!

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Winnipeg is Western Canada, not far west but still considered part of Western Canada.

The Gades didn't fold, they were put on ice.

And theres plenty to do in Halifax.

And..... you know what, I'm not even gonna bother. Just one of those NFL guys that sign up just to make a post to trash the CFL.

It’s great to hear a Toronto punk’s opinion. Thanks.

cprice, you may not be wishing death to the league but I'm wishing more than just death to you, it's called torture.

BTW, the Argos, while I want to beat them up every game, are Toronto's best team bar none, the Argo's rule there, their fans are the best sports fans that city has or ever will have. Toronto should be so lucky to have the Argonauts. You should praise and honour the Argonauts on your hands and knees and glorify them and the CFL until death.

I love idiots like you, you make life fun.


what an GIT!!!!! Call yourself a Canadian? move to Buffalo or anywhere south, you American!

Wow, thanks for the uneducated, uninformed opinion. If you're going to rant about something, it's called research.

CFL accomplishments do get taken into consideration when players get inducted into the pro fotball hall of fame (see Warren Moon). Just not as much as their NFL accomplishments.

And Ottawa hasn't folded, they've just been suspended and thus their banner still exists on this site.

Trust me, this guy could move to the South Pole and still be clueless.

........IP confirmed, cprice is posting from a Roger's server of Paul Godfrey's brainwashed legionnaires.......strangely enough, same server as's that for coincidence?.......

Excellent info R&W, and very well said indeed!
Why don't these people just go and live in their glorified US of A? Why don't they? Because they are sponges wanting universal health care here and other niceties of Canadian living, but don't give a damn about things uniquely Canadian. Hyprocrites and idiots, I can't stand them.

I love it when guys like this sign up only to post their worthless opinions and are never heard from again!

I guess they have to need to show the world how clueless they are!

Its something that all of us already know

i dont understand why people need more than one name when they want to flame if it is indeed Billsfan. say your piece and stand by it dont hide behind troll names. Speaking of that jays loving freak, Listening to the Fan right now and Swirsk is talking all about how dissapointing the Jay's attendance has been, again, lol. OK crowds for midweek games but no big attendance for weekend games like most MLB teams have and ike ole Ted was expecting. Must be a niche sport that baseball. Great Warren Moon interview yesterday afternoon with Bob Mccown as well, very positive stuff.

What I don't get about Godfrey is he could have us all in his lap and spending money on the Blue Jays and going to games and that if he was a CFL fan and supported the league, helped market it and that etc.
I guess the man is just plain stupid, I can't see any other way to explain this guy. Why Rogers keeps him employed is beyond me.

The CFL has its own Hall of Fame, though ive never been there to see it, I would like to make a trip there sometime. There are plenty of things to do in the summer out west here, but football only adds to the fun. Game days are an event and if you go to any games in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calagry, Regina and Winnipeg(still west to me), you will find lots of fans enjoying a good football game, wether their team wins or not. Its nice to see Damon still going strong at 42, he is defying the odds, its a great story. Its a feat when you are 40+ and can contribute to a sport, no matter what league you happen to be in. The Argos get very good support in Toronto, even with the "center of the universe" mentality most Torontonians seem to have. A healthy franchise in TO is very important to the stability of the league, and you can say that for every other CFL city. This league has survived for almost a hundred yrs , and survived some very lean years in the past 25 or so, I would think that the league is going to be around for a long time to come, CFL training camps start in a few days, so bring on the season!

Maybe it’s Argos-Bill in disguise!

Its the same IP as Argos bill and Stiller
All three are Pro-NFL and Anti-CFL


Is it any coincidence this person keeps coming back? Whoever it is, has about a dozen of you highschool idiots running around defending the CFL with your panties all tied in a knot ... You all look like fools. Stop feeding the troll, and he'll go away.

Whomever it is .. he's funny and partly correct.


So if we ignore you Statik, you will go away??