Hi, Im live in Indianapolis and I have never heard of the CFL untill yesterday.

First I saw some commercial about it on TV and i was suprised when i heard it was 100 years old, cause I have never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I saw a Highlight from a game where a receiver made a nice one handed grab in the endzone on ESPN. So that sparked my interest so I went youtubing and found the CGY vs EDM game from this week and I gotta say this looks like a very exciting and fun league to watch.

Does anybody have anymore information about it? I would like to start following it.

Welcome Colts to the CFL, the most entertaining brand of football and frankly best sport around.

Colts - welcome!

If you live near an AmericaOne affiliate or have access to ESPN360, you're a step ahead of the game. If not, you can find places to watch online (PM of course)


Now that's luck for you. Of all games to watch this week the Calgary vs Edmonton game was probably the best of all. An amazing finish.

Welcome to the CFL Colts4Life22.

You can also watch live games from this website and the price is very reasonable.
Also for highlights and other fun stuff, check out

Now, spread the word, sit back and enjoy a very exciting brand of football!:stuck_out_tongue:

Go Bombers!!!!

Welcome Colts. Since you live in the U.S., you cannot stream live games from this site. The only way to get the games is to a) watch on an AmericaOne affiliate, b) watch espn360 (if your cable company subscribes to it), c) purchase a Canadian satellite system, d) have a Canadian friend hook up a Slingbox for you to log on to, or d) find a PtoPtv stream somewhere on line.

Welcome to the the CFL Colts4life! By the way, one of our countrymen, who played his college football right here in Québec (with Canadian rules football) is in training camp with the Colts. Check out Samuel Giguère.
He was drafted by Hamilton in the CFL draft last spring, so I hope he makes the Colts (so he does not come back and play against my Alouettes).

Thanks for all the help guys. As for Giguere I have noticed him in minicamp and so far he seems to be doing pretty good. One play I remember He made a spectacular one handed grab during one of the drills in minicamp.

I kind of want to know more about the CFL. Like what are the biggest rivalries and some of the different rules and how they affect the game.

I will definitely try to watch some of the games next week. I have ESPN360 but never really watch it. But i will look for the games on it this week.

Any key games this week?

here's a good place to start with learning...

[url=] ... n_football[/url]

wow sure looks interesting. Love the fact that there is no Fair Catch.

Also how you are allowed Unlimited Motion in the Backfield would be cool too watch.

cant wait to see some games next week.

hey be sure to tune in on July 12th (saturday) at 4 (eastern time). The Tiger-Cats are at home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, The Cats have a Canadian runningback who is absolutely phenomenal. His name is Jesse Lumsden and he averaged 7.6 yards a carry last season and now this season he is averaging 7.8

wow even gets it done on the ground with only 3 downs! impressive.

Ill be sure to watch that game. the name Lumsden sounds so familiar though.

He was in Redskins and Seahawks camps a few years back.

I hope you enjoy it, it really is a great league. Don't watch any Bomber games until they're out of this slump though, I don't want you to get the wrong impression :slight_smile:

Lumsden was also in the East-West shrine Game and gained the most yardage on the ground that game I believe.

The CFL is unlike any other league. Only 8 (or 9) teams, but each with their own identity and unique fan base.

Biggest rivalries: Hamilton vs Toronto, Calgary vs Edmonton, Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg

Some names you might recognize played up here:
-Doug Flutie
-Warren Moon
-Jeff Garcia
-Joe Theismann

The first two listed played up here because the NFL would not take them due to their size, and race, respectively.

Here's another link to the 'This is Our League' video. It just came out this year, and it captures exactly what the CFL is all about and why it's beloved by Canadians all over.

You may also recognize the Name Kenton Keith. backed up Joseph Addai last year?

he played a few seasons in saskatchewan before heading to the nfl

and...with only eight makes EVERY regular season game that much more importatnt.

Paging Mr. Cohon, there is a big void to be filled until the NFL season gets started.

Lumsden has the pedigree for sure. His dad (Neil) was a fullback with the famed Eskimos team of the early eighties, when Warren Moon was the quarterback.

I remember a phenomenal play with the elder Lumsden when he took a direct snap (!) in a Grey Cup game and rumbled for forty yards.

..and it's not that grade 4 phys.ed class game called arena football either.

Around 40 pages, give or take, of the two US coverage threads should explain a thing or two :roll: