im going to seattle for a week and im wondering in seattle if there i anywhere i could go there to watch the eskie , roughy game , in seattle

I'm pretty sure it will be on at every bar in Seattle.LOL

.....methinks you'll be SOL.......once, before 9/11 and passports became mandatory, I flew to San Fransisco and had my DL and Birth Certificate with my for ID.......when the customs guy read my BC he thought it was a joke.....he didn't think there was a real place called Saskatoon Saskatchewan........

.....wonder what he'd think of Conception Bay. . .

What a fuck wit! but I guess that is like me being Bron in Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I wonder what it must be like for an Aussie who was born in Tittybong (I'm not making that up, IT'S A REAL PLACE IN THE LAND OF AUS! :lol: ) 8)

Or Moose Jaw

Or Happy Valley-Goose Bay?


Im sure theres probably a few Tittybongs in BC too.

There is a place in Quebec called
Saint Louis de Ha Ha

Best place name ever: Got my pic taken beside the sign that leads to Dildo, Newfoundland. Cracked me up for a week, that one did. . .

only in newfyland. haha. that is a good one.

Don't forget the Inuit favourite: TUKTYOKTUK

Or Prince Albert

OR Rupret's land.

Climax Sask....:slight_smile:

I was down in Seattle in early July for Canda's Gold Cup games (soccer).

We were in the Seahawk's store at Qwest field, and they were showing the Riders-Argos game (in Toronto) on TV!!!!! So we stopped and watched it in the store. Some other Canadian fans walked in and watched it with us. It was awesome!

We were floored, though - "holy crap! They're showing the CFL down here! Awesome!!!"

We even saw a CFL highlight on ESPN - Jon Ryan's huge punt vs the Stamps (in Wpg). (Annoying American broadcasters were saying, "he should be playing down here in the NFL!" shut up ...)

Anyway ... they do get CFL down there (at least on CBC), and they do watch it ... not sure if you'd have any luck now that NFL is starting up, though :stuck_out_tongue: Still, hopefully they'll feel that CFL football game is better than nothing ...

I know I think a CFL football game is better than just about anything :stuck_out_tongue:

And if the CFL still had an American franchise or two, you could throw in such gems as:

Intercourse, PA (right in the heart of Amish country), or
Hell, MI (which can and does freeze over in bitter winters)

I giggle every time I hear somebody say "Regina"