CFL YouTube Video Thread

Post the links to any and all CFL videos on YouTube!!! I'll edit this to include new videos as they are posted!

Highlights from '06 Grey Cup:

Robert Baker on Trey Young:

Milt Stegall Tribute:

1994 WDF Final Drive

Edmonton vs. Saskatchewan laterals:

[url=] ... 02_1-1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 03_1-1.flv[/url]

(As of March 20th I've stopped editing this post. If you want more videos just look at the replies submitted)

Robert Baker on Trey Young

I added a few more videos. Feel free to submit them yourselves.

these were all posted in my you be the ref threads

well this one had nothing to do penalties

These I posted on photobucket

[url=] ... S_02_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 01_1-2.flv[/url] [url=] ... rent=4.flv[/url] [url=] ... rent=3.flv[/url] [url=] ... rent=2.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 05_1-1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_04_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 02_1-1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 03_1-1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... 01_1-1.flv[/url]

This one is not CFl but

[url=] ... rop1_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_02_1.flv[/url]

The next three are different angles of the same play

[url=] ... S_03_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_02_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url] [url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

And from the Eastern final!

[url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

Top 10 plays from 2005 and 2006

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

Riders Tribute

2005 BC Lions Highlights

2006 Eastern Final Highlights

2006 Western Semi-Final Highlights

I was thinking about this last night ... The CFL should release a highlight package onto Youtube each week. Would be a great way to get people (especially kids) to watch the CFL at their leisure ... maybe enticing them to watch more live football.

I think the NHL does something like this, and though I hate to follow the NHL's example, they may have a good idea with this one ... Plus, just now I saw a "Watch the NCAA on Youtube" icon on

Montreal @ Calgary 2006 (not great quality):

Calgary @ Sask 2006 (big hit!):

Kenton Keith in the 2006 WSF (this sucks to watch):

Hamilton @ Calgary 2006 (I think from the same guy who taped Mtl @ Cgy):

BC @ Calgary, 2000 WF (also hurts):

Patriotism ...

For you gopher ... er, rider fans :roll:

Warning, the title of this clip is "2006 WSF highlights", but that's not what it is - it's actually "Riders highlights from Nov 5". The reason the first half only shows defensive plays is because the Riders had no offence ...

More rider propaganda ... geez, I search for "Calgary Stampeders" and look at the crap that comes up!!!

Very early in some game, don't ask me which:

And of course .... (this guy made it further than any other I've seen!):

While this isn't exactly top-notch football, it is what I love to see!

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

More rider propaganda ... I guess you gotta admire their fans for something ...

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

Nice move from Kenton Keith:

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

TSN's top 10 CFL plays from 2006:

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

And from 2005:

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

Last 2 minutes of the 2000 East Semi:

And the sweetest play from last season!

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

1991 Grey Cup montage:

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

More 1991 Grey Cup (Saturday before):

[url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

Main reason I'm including this (GC2001) is because a guy yells "Go Renegades!" about 45 seconds in ...

OK, I've got to stop doing this searching, it's going to take up my whole night if I don't stop! God I miss the CFL ... anyway, just search "Grey Cup", it seems to be the best way of finding the most CFL stuff ...

btw, great idea for a thread!

Yeah, the NHL puts highlights on youtube every night for each individual game. Since many people go on the site every day, it's a great way for them to market the game and get more people interested.

This should be up in the sticky section.

Thank You.

Neat stuff!!!!!

shawn millington screws up

Clutch catch by Eddie Brown

roy shivers interview

I really hope CFL marketers have already come up with this idea ... it's a goldmine right now. Not too mention it would help us starving CFL fans in the off-season!

How old are we? 8? :roll:

Kerwin Bell spikes himself

Check out “Prothro’s Catch” after watching that video … INCREDIBLE catch!

btw Kerwin - whoops? :slight_smile: Sucks that he got a penalty, but the Winnipeg player who shoved him didn’t …

I was going to post the link to all of Brian Williams’ features from last season (through but now I can’t find the page … does anyone have it?

Also not Youtube, and from the Ti-Cats, but still:

[url=] ... n%20Review[/url]

The CFL Traditions DVD’s should all be on YouTube or online but that might be copyright infringement.

I haven’t found it.