CFL Youtube Games from Newton Minnow

Need some CFL fix between games ?

There is a guy named Newton Minnow.

He has a Youtube channel that is loaded with old CFL games.

Some are games and some are broadcast hi-lite packages.

The quality is amazing considering how old they are..

For example ,
a 1 hour 30 min colour broadcast highlights package of the 1971 play-offs.
2 hour colour videos of Grey Cups 62-63-64 and 65-67-68

They are like mini games. Up to now, all I have seen is clips.

The other good one is CFLfan#31. He has tons of old full games including play-offs and Grey Cups.

There is a rare colour videotape from the 1966 Grey Cup, that is not a film. Colour in Canada was in its very infancy so this footage is historic. They also used an iso camera (recorded in B&W) that looks very sharp. Obviously getting near the end, B&W clarity was at its zenith.

Thanks for the tip. It is great to see some of the old games from my youth and earlier. Even better is some of the intros with the "current, hip" music that now seems cheesy and dated. Could spend days on there.

I already have.

I wanted to share.

This Minnow guy keeps adding.

I do not know where he finds them.

I am wondering if he has a connection in the HOF.

Whatever, I am grateful.

Hysterical. Newton Minnow was the US Federal Communications Commissioner who - in the late 60's (?) called television "a vast wasteland". Interesting choice of name for the Youtube poster.

His name was spelled Minow. Sherwood Schwartz of Gilligan's island couldn't stand him and derisively named the SS Minnow (sic) after him.