CFL/XFL Poll (Pick 2) - What Rules Should Be Scrapped For ANY New CFL/XFL League?

Bob last man standing of the old guard. soon the poster cant blame them anymore.

Young did enter his statement somewhere here. i think he said its confusing and he is wanting more details but the league needs to become more global or it wont survive

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He might be from the old guard but Braley was more influential.

It's not necessarily about blaming the old guard anymore. But this is their legacy at the moment.

Brayley is dead,

Oh okay. That's the existing rule in Canadian football but not in American football (or any other code of football).

The proposition is for possession to remain with the last time with possession inbounds not with the last team to merely touch the ball before it goes out of bounds.

That might be true but the current situation still has his footprint on it.

Nothing happens without Braleys blessing at the time.

his estate is not an influencer but maybe an obstacle in voting depending on their by - laws


That's one point you and I can actually agree on.

Hopefully they are better days ahead.

INDEED. i do appreciate your posts btw and we dont need to agree

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The people have spoken. There shall be no Fair Catch at all in this new venture much as there is not in Canadian football. Tell 'em at the next Zoom or videoconference call @sully

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Thanks. Much appreciated.

You don't get a point (rouge) for missing a field goal. You get a rouge if at any time you contain the opposing team in their own end zone. If a punt or missed field goal does not not land in the end zone, thereby depriving the opposing team of the opportunity to run it out and avoid giving up the rouge, then no single point/rouge should be awarded. A runback out of the end zone can be one of the most exciting plays.


I believe some of fans can't understand that a FG and/or Punt is classified as a scrimmaged kick.


Like Henry "Gizzmo" Williams 107 yard missed FG return for a TD at the 75th Grey Cup back in 1987.

Though I do not agree with a good number voting that the rules with regards to the rouge should be changed at all, I think hardly anybody disagrees that somehow a return of a missed field goal that is the norm, not the exception, in Canadian football should be preserved and encouraged no matter what in any new rules.

Many casual American fans forget that the return of a missed field goal always has been a legal play in American football although less common due to shorter end zones. Of course it's the very same option when a kick is blocked whether the ball crosses the line of scrimmage or not.

Decades ago, with these respective rules of the kicking game each deriving from rugby and when the goal posts in American pro football were on the goal line until 1974 just like in rugby and in Canadian football always (as well as remain now in amateur American football before the high school level mind you), a missed field goal return also was a more common play in American football.

And NCAA college football fans will always remember the "Kick 6" of the Alabama-Auburn game, aka the annual Iron Bowl, a few years ago. Who in their right mind amongst my fellow Americans would not want more of that action?

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I see this fumble rule applying more to onside kicks. Keeping it last touch makes it easier for the kicking team to regain possession.

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They should change the no yards rule to one that doesn't include a guesstimate of any distance like 5 yards. I always imagine the ref metering out 5 yards in their head and it's always less than that. The spirit of the rule is to allow a return. I think as long as you are not in the motion of making a tackle when the returner catches the punt, then no foul is made. Doesn't matter if you are beside the returner. If you're not trying to tackle him (there have been the odd kick coverage player giving themselves up) but you're within 5 yards, that shouldn't be a penalty.


This is one instance in which I differ with the Canadian rule, but if I have to choose between how onside kicks are done with existing American or Canadian rules, I will take the latter. I think each set of existing rules has at least one gimmick.

The best would be a Canadian kickoff, the same 10 yards requirement for possession to be regained by the kicking, but the ball goes to the receiving team unless possession, not mere touching, by the kicking team with that part being the case in the American rules.

And I feel the same about fumbles out of bounds. The last to possess the ball retains possession not the last to merely lay a fingernail or clumsy shin on the ball.

I see where you're coming from. I could live with possession being required for a change of possession to take place whether on kickoff or regular play.

One rule we should never adapt in the CFL is that crazy touchback rule where possession changes to the defense if the ball goes out of the endzone on a fumble by the offense.

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Go figure I realize now after more than a decade of viewing and knowing many of the other rules including the obscure, that I do not even know the rule in Canadian football on that one! What happens next in that situation?

I concur that the American rule on that one sucks as far as the resultant line of possession (though do agree with the existing rules for any given kick through the end zone).

I would note that the American rule derives from rugby (union), in which a kick or ball otherwise out of bounds in the goal area results in a "drop out" (this is a drop kick too) kick at the 22m (the former 25yd line in rugby) line for the defending team (though a newer rule indicates that the defending team may have also a scrum at the spot of the kick if it went directly out of bounds).

If it was a knock on or forward movement of the ball by hand by the attacking team, a choice of penalty kick (which need not be a drop kick) or scrum is awarded to the defending team also at the 22m line.

I think improper use of "onside kick" should be scrapped :wink: .

What's the US rule, on either an onside punt or short kickoff?

If you want to remove the single for a punt out of the endzone, then the team should have to scrimmage the ball from the goal line. No point, no 25-yards. No free lunch.

Scrap fair catch.
Scrap two feet inbounds is a catch.
What's the "5 Yards No Yards -> Reduced Yards..."? You mean reduce the 5-yard bubble to 1/2/3/4-yards? Or do you mean <5-yard penalty on an unintentional no yards?