CFL/XFL Poll - If The New Venture Does Not Work Out, Who Is To Blame Most?

the CFL by any other label would still be as swell

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Support it that's a good thing but slagging it because they are not in the NFL well stick to the NFL if the only focus is on the players.

You seem to keep on missing the point. I watch CFL, NCAA and NFL and I like certain things about all of them. What I won't do, however, is live is some dreamworld where the NFL and CFL are perfectly equal. It's like saying Alabama vs. Ohio State and Akron vs. Bowling Green are both equal standard since they're both classed as FBS football. They might both be FBS, but I think I know which game the most hyped and heavily-scouted recruits are playing in...

I think American football's biggest problem (and something that will likely never be resolved) is in only having two professional leagues in the entire world, so the NFL v. CFL perception difference is much more stark than it would be in a sport like soccer where you have multiple leagues and tiers in each country, with many historical clubs, and there could be a whole plethora of reasons why a player would move from a supposedly "elite" league (e.g. Spain) to a 2nd-rank one (e.g. Belgium) - experience a different culture, more suitable style of play, family/heritage reasons and so on.

Yet an American player ends up in the CFL and - be honest - what's the first thought that comes to mind? No NFL team wanted him.

If you think this is just my bitter and twisted opinion, I'd say it also doesn't help when the likes of 3DownNation run breathless articles about players seeking "NFL opportunities" or celebrating when a CFL player cracks even an NFL practice squad. The whole tone and wording suggests these two leagues are simply NOT equal, but one is of a superior standard, and it plays 4 downs.

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Nothing superior about 4 downs , downing the punt, fair catch but to each their own.


Well I am enjoying this great discussion in this thread too also because, well, there is not much else going on in the world of gridiron as far as what is actually going to be on the field.

The word every damn week is "that they are working on it and it looks like they are figuring it out," but anybody here with sales or business or contract experience knows that is mostly hot air until the deal is done and proverbial ground is broken.

I dread the prospect of them dragging this arrangement well into May, so we shall see now for April.

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Weeks ago, I had written that the original expansion into the US should have been along the border, for areas that had been receiving radio and TV signals for decades. Familiarity with the product and a lack of pro competition would have given the league a real chance. I discovered the CFL in July 1962 while searching for a baseball game. Anyway, there is no good reason for the merger unless the leagues want to exchange/interchange players so XFL spring and CFL fall would give players plenty of employment. A TV deal could be tied to televising both as part of one package. Otherwise, you are expecting a league which has been around for decades to line up with a league with only one full season of play and two bankruptcies. Does that even sound like it makes sense. And, lets be practical. If the CFL does not play, the league can declare bankruptcy, as might many of the franchises, and they can simply start over with players who still want to play and the never-ending supply of players who prefer football to real jobs. It would be sad for your old favorites, but after two or three seasons, it would seem like it never happened. Just my opinion. I won't continue as a fan if the league sells out and goes to 4 downs. There is more than enough of that in the world. Stay unique, please!


I am with you on that one for sure.

I couldn't agree more.

We need to recruit more people who see things like we do. History has proven that there are only two successful long-standing professional football leagues and that is the CFL and NFL. The USFL might have succeeded with spring football but made the mistake of selling a franchise to Donald Trump, who proceeded to destroy it, like everything else he touches. The merger talk is just financial desperation. I thought Ambrosie might be a good commissioner but instead of solving attendance problems around the league, he focuses on global initiatives, government loans and now, merger with a league that exists on paper. God help us.


The USFL was 35 years ago, get over it.
The only ex-president to be succesful with a sports team was George Bush, owner of the Rangers.
How about Bush buying the CFL - call it "Bush League"


45 tried to throw the USFL under the bus when he had a meeting with NFL Paul Taglibue(sic) in '84. He told Taglibue that he didn't care for the USFL and want to be in the NFL. That's was when Tagllbue told 45 that he will never be owner of a NFL team as long as he has heirs/offspring.

MLSE is the "Trump" in these negotiations. It is throwing the CFL under the bus like what 45 did 35 years ago. It is all in Pearlman's book chronicling the demise of the USFL


I only mentioned the USFL because it had a look as if it might be able to stand on its own. Thirty-five years or not, it had the TV contract, it had really good players and except for Trump, they might have made it. It also makes my point that a merger with a paper league with one complete season years and years ago is not a viable option. Only if the merger was for the transfer of players and utilized the spring/fall schedules of the two leagues could it work without destroying the CFL. If the current CFL went away due to the pandemic, there would be nothing stopping them from trying again. Use more Canadian players if necessary and there will always be players wanting to show their abilities. I did bankruptcy work for individuals at one point in my career but do not know Canadian law. I imagine that the wealthy owners might not benefit, and a community owned team is unusual down here, but problems can be overcome. Just don't align with a paper tiger, just for cash. How does a story like that end?


Well those have been some heavy votes and views and please carry on if you have not voted or stated your two cents already.

Your rant is free here too.

Those have been some more great strong views and takes here in this thread and I like it too whether I agree or disagree. Healthy banter beats silence 9 times out of 10 (except with your lady, but that's another blog).

Sometimes these threads have the feel of taking a break from relaxation at a bar, going out to the parking lot to fight for a 3-minute round (prudently officiated of course), and then going back in for more drinks and to discuss the fight as well as the game or some other fight is on too.

Damn do I miss those old days though I never did get into a bar fight (or much more than a shoving match on the field) and well, it kept me out of the drunk tank for a night so that in retrospect I am thankful.

35 years ago the CFL was in the same kind of trouble and debating and fighting over many of the same issues today like going to 4 downs, USA expansion driven by Toronto owners, etc.... Read A Passing Game by Frank Cosentino for all the details very good historical CFL book. Just because something is in the past doesn't make it relevant today in discussions. Sadly, the CFL has been turning its wheels over the same issues for years.

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Right, The only difference between cfl, and nfl is money, Iā€™d much rather watch the sport I can afford to watch, not having to mortgage my house to fly to an nfl game once every 2 years, Ridiculously high priced sport, putting themselves out of touch with reality.


Just the money? Why would you mortgage your house to watch an NFL game, it's free on television.
As for the price to attend a game. Our friends have Packers season tickets, they pay $80 a game. Which is similar to the average ticket in Hamilton or Ottawa.
I don't think Bills games are very expensive either.
If you live in southern Ontario you don't have to fly to see an NFL game, it's an easy drive from the Canadian border to , Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh

The big difference is that young people are watching the NFL, the CFL TV ratings are half of what they were 10 years ago when the CFL signed the new TSN contract.
They were averaging 820k, today around 420k and Grey Cup TV ratings to 3 million.
Meanwhile the NFL ratings in Canada are now around 800k and the Super Bowl close to 12 MILLION.
Attendance down, the biggest market in Canada can only attract 12k average to games. Where have the fans gone?
Check out the NFL stats the last few years - NFL QBs throwing for over 40 TDs in a 16 game season.
The CFL hasn't had a CFL QB throw for more than 40 TDs in many years and we have an 18 game schedule and receivers only need one foot in bounds and the bigger end zone.
The CFL does have a great advantage in penalty yardage, our refs are great they call everything.
The CFL needs to change or we won't have a CFL

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But changing the CFL to American rules won't necessarily guarantee high attendance either.

Today's NFL is about star players, not necessarily about teams.

The CFL needs to improve the stadium experience, cities have to allow for some tailgating and need vast improvements on tv presentation.

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No, you are correct changing rules doesn't guarantee attracting younger fans.
I think most cities do allow tailgating, even in Toronto there is not only tailgating in the BMO parking lot but also the "Shipyard" with pre-game concerts, cheap beer.
Hamilton has pretty good tailgating too. Ottawa is different because there is limited parking around TD Place. But they do have the pre-game partying and concerts.
Don't know about the other cities.
I think the TSN TV coverage and presentation is excellent, no need for improvement there

Well the media seems to think all the world's problems are Donald Trump's fault. So I'll go with that

But you know there's always room for improvement.

They can follow the NFL in scheduling in terms of having only two days (Friday and Saturday) with a few Sundays sprinkled in between from (September and October).

Playoffs should always start in November with one division playing on Saturday and the other on Sunday. They can alternative every year.

The Grey Cup should be during daylight hours from 2pm local time.

Another idea can be just having the Grey Cup game in Montreal or Toronto from year to year just to keep the cost of organizing the Grey Cup as low as possible.