CFL/XFL Poll - If The New Venture Does Not Work Out, Who Is To Blame Most?

Should this CFL/XFL venture not happen for any football in the fall of 2021, after weeks of our speculation here and all those scorching hot takes especially from Toronto during this pandemic, who or what is to blame the most?

CFL/XFL: Who or What Is Most To Blame For Any Failure?
  • The Pandemic
  • Randy Ambrosie
  • The Rock
  • Rod Black
  • Rob Ford
  • Dave Naylor
  • Toronto
  • Farhan Lalji
  • Some Unnamed Politician
  • Vince McMahon
  • No One, NO ONE, No One Ever ...Is To Blame
  • Red Bird Capital
  • Major League Football (MLF)
  • TSN
  • The Guy Who Killed The USFL
  • MLSE
  • WWE Smackdown
  • Post Malone
  • Video Games

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I blame Paolo

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Lets do this poll in a few years time, shall we?

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Can we add Rod Petersen to the list? He is pushing it big time

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Kerry Frazier’s hairspray.....
or statues.

Ah you have been angry for awhile. It's okay. You got that new truck anyway.

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I didn't see: CFL fans who are petrified of any change so will sabotage the the whole thing in the cradle and then blame someone else, as an option?

Randy Ambrosie and The Pandemic in the lead so far - I would not have guessed the former who is looking for an upset.

Please vote and comment if not already.

Blaming fans is an incorrect answer and so was not included in this poll.

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I went for the easy lay up pandemic .


More like a breakaway on an empty net. "He shoot, He Scores!"


It is the 6th of April, and we have still no breaking news on all of this. You there, hiding around with your hands in your pockets or under the table, point some fingers and vote!

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

If ZuluMoose's reply was a genuine option I'd select it.

There seem to be three "mentalities" (for want of a better description) that keep popping up on the forum and they all fit in the "petrified of change" category.

#1 - US expansion failed so it must never be tried again.

Tell me, where exactly is left in Canada to expand to? Every big town that seems to be mentioned (e.g. Saskatoon, Quebec City) would have the effect of simply splitting an existing fanbase with no guarantee that the new team would gather support. Yet some fans would seemingly rather have the Nunavut Nanooks in the league than testing out border markets like Montana or North Dakota.

#2 - The Global Player initiative is a waste of time, we need to get more Canadian kids in the league.

From where, exactly?

Even if you combine USports and the CJFL, that still leaves you with only around 50-odd teams, and how many of those are simply making up the numbers and will only be title challengers once in a blue moon? Also, how many players on those rosters can realistically play at the pro level? You also have the knock-on effect (no pun intended) of concussion awareness meaning the player pool from junior grades and high school will decline if kids are steered away from football by parents.

Talent has to come from SOMEWHERE, so like it or not a Global player pipeline is a positive as it may one day lessen reliance on the NCAA system.

#3 - This is "Canada's game". We need to defend our unique "Canadian football".

I genuinely think some Canadian fans don't realise how meaningless this term is to the rest of the world. I'm a fan from England, and I guarantee you that if you mention "Canadian football" to a random person on the street, the assumption will be you must be talking about the national soccer team. If I look at a betting site, sports results page or TV schedule, what will I find CFL listed as?

American football.

If anything, the CFL can be thankful it dodged a bullet with both the XFL and AAF disappearing, because if both leagues had been stable and successful, you could have had the worst-case scenario of the CFL being seen as "Division 4" football rather than "Division 2" - then the league REALLY would need the Global initiative as all the FCS and top-end D2 players would have probably stayed in the US.

Anyway, rant over.

Sorry if this comes across as way too negative. I like the CFL and want it to survive, but the league has to recognise times have changed, both in the perception of the league and competition from other sports that just wasn't there decades back.

Edited for a couple of typos, and also before anyone jumps on me about "perception" that the CFL is some kind of "minor league", I can only call a spade a spade - when a top defender or WR is making only a little more than NFL practice squad money, what other way can I spin it?


Well said sir, all excellent points we should do well to take seriously.

Then why would you support the CFL if it's already deemed to be minor in your eyes.


Why do soccer fans in England's support Div 2, Div 3 and 4 teams when the Premier League is the "major" league with the elite players.
Same with any leagues in Europe that are not Div 1.
The fans love their sport and love their local teams, they don't pretend their players are as good as the premier players


Have you ever heard any of us refer to the CFL as major league.

Most of us support it because of the difference of the rules which makes it interesting to watch.

It's like we are getting heat for watching the CFL because the players are not NFL calibre.

Just because you get paid more in the NFL doesn't mean you are automatically better than the CFL.


No, you're right, but let's also not pretend that is a significant thing or even statistically relevant. Obviously there will always be a couple players looked over, but they are often seen eventually and recruited the NFL.

Let's not pretend things which aren't, the majority of NFL athletes compared to majority of CFL athletes are two totally different things. Like comparing NCAA to NFL, why? We don't pretend that the average NCAA player is a NFL level athlete but it doesn't stop us from watching it.

It's actually why many watch NCAA, to try to pick out who is likely to go on to the NFL. Same is and will be true of our league, folks will be curious who got missed, who was overlooked, who will be the hot commodity.


No but most are better, that's why they were drafted from the NCAA and signed by the NFL.
NHL players get paid more than an AHL player are the NHL players better? - yes
Are Premier League players that are paid millions more than Division 2 or 3 players better? - yes


Because there are aspects of it I like - the feeling of a more attack-minded game, kickoffs that actually get returned instead of sailing through the endzone, commentators that actually make the effort to pronounce non-English names correctly as opposed to a country directly south...


Let's not delude ourselves. Think about the QBs of the past few years as an example. You have the CFL's superstar QB (BLM) who came from an FCS school, another star (Reilly) played Div. 2.

You have "breakout" players like Pipkin (D2 again), Bethel-Thompson (entire NFL "career", such as it was, almost entirely spent bouncing between practice squads, and possibilities like Shiltz (Pioneer League a.k.a absolute bottom of FCS barrel).

Now, are some of these players overlooked? Possibly yes. Could they make the step up if given a shot? Again yes. But there is no way you can tell me every player on a CFL roster is a hard-luck story - many are there because they cannot and will not play at an NFL level. You could argue some are only in the CFL at all because they hold a Canadian passport and teams need them for that alone.

Atlantic CFLfan has it exactly right.

Ultimately, why do Canadians watch junior hockey when the NHL exists?

Why do Americans like minor league baseball?

Why would an English soccer fan watch his local Division 14 side whose "stadium" consists of one rickety stand with a field so uneven it looks like It's been used for target practice, when Premier League football is a short drive away?

Because that level of the game is enjoyed for what it is. I like the CFL, some people might say "oh but It's not NFL", my response is "I don't care".