CFL/XFL Merger Talk

I don't know about others, but I for one am fed up with all this speculative merger talk.

I certainly wish there was more of a focus on the upcoming 2021 season.


Well as noted in the related threads, whilst there is a real, serious business, discussion underway, we have no shortage of largely trolls from this side of the border down south who have shown up in force for various fantasy ideas, including on it appears 3DownNation indirectly who are not also amongst any of their commenters, such as the following:

  1. "Spring football in Canada finishing by about Labour Day"

  2. "32 markets south of the border, even in Oklahoma and in Kentucky!" - think I am kidding? These folks are VERY serious :sweat_smile: about their spring football fantasies, and by golly, they have found us here at the forum and some quite possibly perhaps have "met" The Rock himself at some event in Hollywood or Las Vegas, political convention, or maybe, just maybe, went to a wresting match in the cheap seats. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It's an unsecured site too so looky here yeee-hawww!

  1. "It will be mostly American football rules no discussion."

So ladies and gentlemen and my Canadian friends here for years (since February 2010 for me after I became a big fan in 2009), for the beautiful Canadian game at hand that will endure one way or the other in this perilous journey AND in the fall not the spring, I think most of us but for that camp coming from down here in the South, maybe an occasional Toronto hipster friend of theirs too, know whom to ignore now because

  1. Their reality is either politics or any given virtual reality and
  2. They have, like likely all of us or all but one or two at that if any, zero ties to the people at the table who are calling the shots in a serious business discussion with 9-figure sums at stake easily.

:fist: :facepunch: :fist_left: :muscle:

Isn't being fed up about the merger talk yet starting a thread about it a bit of a juxtaposition? :confused:

"I'll allow it." I can appreciate and understand the recent frustration shared by most of us who just want our CFL back and in the summer-fall like always.

He's right about all this rampant speculation though that has been shown to have reached heavy fantasy levels involving MLFs and the like.

The latter of course is beyond the focus of this forum, but that's where they seem to be going with that one given the branding, and well, what to do the pandemic has ravaged many minds.

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Le problĂšme est Ă  deux niveaux :

-D'une part, nous n'avons aucune idée des négociations en cours entre la LCF et la XFL.
-D'autre part, les consĂ©quences de ces nĂ©gociations peuvent ĂȘtre gigantesques en fonction des changements qui seront apportĂ©s.

C'est pour cette raison que l'attention est portĂ©e sur cette nĂ©gociation. Ça contribue Ă  une tonne de spĂ©culation. De plus, la saison 2021 de la LCF dĂ©pend elle-mĂȘme de deux variables dont nous n'avons que peu ou pas de mise Ă  jour, Ă  savoir les nĂ©gociations avec l'AJLCF et la protocole sanitaire qui sera soumis aux diffĂ©rents gouvernements provinciaux et Ă  SantĂ© Canada.


Better late than never.

I became a fan in the early 90's. It was tough in the beginning because the airing of the games were inconsistent. It changed every year. Some contracts were good; some were bad (TFN - The Football Network and HD service VOOM come to mind). When America One Television picked up the CFL things turned around for the better. Some of the regional sports networks (RSNs) and cable-only outlets picked up the America One feed. I subscribed to DISH and their Multi-Sport Package just for the CFL. It was good. Then The NFL Network acquired the games.

You know the rest of the story.


Along with you,Sheldon, I am "fed up with all this speculative merger talk", why I don't even read what is written on this item. Yes, let's focus on the CFL 2021 season.


What 2021 season?

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Wait until it is official, HfxTC. I know I will wait.

I'm ready to call it.

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Have a little faith and patience. Where you gonna go in a Pandemic, HfxTC

Nowhere, so ordered a pool heater and completely tooled up the garage and started restoring a truck with my son a week ago. We figure it will become useful when the zombie mutation phase starts.

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I had a pool then got a heater for it later ; best money I ever spent .

I Miss it now .

Just be careful with the chlorine or leaving it on too long .

I made it into a large hot tub one party night and the heater didn't like that at all .

I'm hoping to extend the season, not planning to use it in warm weather. I ordered an oversized heater and a 300 pound bottle. I read up that raising temperature raises the Chlorine consumption like crazy. I'm looking into Copper Ionization right now. Also looking to see if the propane could double up on a Garage forced air heater for occasional weekend use in the winter but I am reading that Propane may not ignite in very cold weather...

Don't forget to install a gun turret on the truck like in "Rambo 5". LOL!


Gonna go for the stealthy chain gun like the Avengers Nick Fury or SS truck


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excuse me?

I had a gas heater it really didn't cost me much it was efficient .
They tried talking me into a solar heater with all the tubes but I wanted more control the season is so short .

I would only heat it when I knew we ( I) were going in later . It would raise it about a degree in the sun about every half hour . A little more time in when it was cloudy . Extended the season very well .

I loved it most later at night with a campfire especially when the bugs we're gone in August /September made me feel like I was on vacation somewhere tropical .

Be careful with the chemicals I learned the hard way to use the auto chlorinator properly ( your best friend ) and not do the pucks in the basket or over shock it .

Old joke not all will get hence the ""

"Rambo 5" scored more movie kills than all the Avenger movies combined. Sly won't steer ya wrong