CFL-XFL Initial Framework Proposal

What is the point with these useless discussions and pointless arguments? How about waiting to see what the CFL and Redbird etc come up with.


To start building a consensus amongst fans and dialog on preparing ourselves for changes.

Also we know these boards are being monitored just like all social media. Each has staff keeping an eye on it to report sentiment and mood, maybe even an idea or two.

Voicing concerns and finding ways to address those has value, it will help inform us when we finally get details. It will help determine if those actually making the decisions were thoughtful and deliberate, or stupid and inconsiderate.

It gives us concepts to mull so when the actual proposal comes out we've been weighing different ideas and their merit to help us judge objectively the actual proposal. It helps us not have a knee-jerk reaction but a truly responsible one, good or bad.

I wonder if the discussion pertaining to rules is being made out to be bigger than what it really is. I bet you a good many fans (most definitely the casual fans) don't even know or realise things like the number of men on the field, nose-to-nose vs. a yard off, etc. are different between Canadian and American football. Some of the more significant differences like # of downs and field dimensions maybe. But, I'm sure smarter heads can come up with a set of rules that works for this new venture.

I think the bigger issue is the timing of the season. Can't see the XFL wanting to play in the Fall vs the NFL and NCAA. And, the CFL sure isn't going to play in February. I would perfectly fine with a shift to Spring/Summer football if it puts the CFL on solid footing going forward. Weather can't be any worst in April and May than it is in October and November. I'm not convinced playing football games up against hockey is going to make a huge difference. If you're a football fan you're going to watch. A Spring/Summer CFL season also enables some attention to be focused on the amateur game in Canada come Fall, so there's that potential, too.

The third challenge is the ratio. There has to be a way to grow the grassroots game in Canada to continue to produce homegrown talent. Again, smarter heads should be able to figure this out. Maybe allow the Canadian teams exclusive access to Canadian players and/or exempt Canadians from a salary cap system.

I've been a Ti-Cat season ticket holder for 20+ years and I just want my football back. Figure it out, and let's play!


I was there. I saw first hand of the poor attendance of the Marlies. Toronto is a Maple Leafs town. They don't even support Junior Hockey. The Marlies get no coverage on sport talk radio. The Marlies get obligatory tape delayed coverage on LeafTV. The FAN 590 all want to talk Leafs and how this is the year that they are Stanley Cup champions

...this is true, I report directly to Pinball Clemons (all hail the Illuminati master of the CFL) about everything here...

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If yall merge or partner..I see things like the ratio getting scrapped..No way a Canadian based team will beat a American one with all them Division 1 NCAA players.Forcing 7 starters and 20 roster spots is something that won't fly and NYC Hedge Fund isn't putting up money not to have the best players.Sorry yall government should bail the CFL out but yall didn't want to pay mainly African American players not its coming to haunt yall with the Wolf's Of Wall Street with The Rock as the pitchman

There won't a merger with the outrageous demands Red Bird Capital wants. It's going to be CFL rules and field dimensions or nothing. The Rock will have to go it alone and start up his own league and see the XFL fail for a third time


I believe having the 2 championship games (Grey Cup and Vanier Cup) will do more for the growth of Canadian Football than having separate schedules.

Fans will not follow the amateur game once the NFL is up and running.

There's no guarantee fans will tune in during the hockey playoffs.

Scheduling and rules were never the issue. It's the way they (the owners) were running things that lead them to this point.

If the owners wish to change the rules and schedule, then that's their choice.

They may end up losing their loyal fans that stuck by them will little or no guarantee of getting new fans.

There needs to be some sort of culture starting from the grassroots, community, high school, university and junior levels. The pro teams should be encouraged to live year round in the community to set roots of they are able to.


I said monitored, that doesn't necessarily include taken seriously. But it is clear the XFL folks are paying attention, doesn't mean they will listen or do what is right, but they are reading. To what extent only they know, but it also doesn't mean we are wasting our time either.

Well they were talking about their league, nothing about possible things like host city rules or hybrid etc.

That said I was bothered by other aspects of their statement, namely the TV rights deal. They actually are hunting for someone to actually pay an upfront fee, lmao.

If Vince McMahon couldn't get one assuring media partners he was prepared to finance it for five years, well, I think Redbird is going to be disappointed.

Obviously they won't get one if they don't ask, but if they get one anywhere near as good as McMahon got they consider themselves lucky.

I also thought it premature for them to be talking rules. But Redbird is looking at this from a very different point of view than the Rock is. So I would say let's not read to much into it just yet, but I had the same thought if the Rock and Redbird are actually on the same page.

I knew it! I knew you were "connected!"

The CFL should take a hard stance in these "talks". The CFL ought to tell the Rock and Red Bird that the 3 down game is not to be changed. There will be no merger, if they want in it will be as one or two expansion teams. If they don't like those terms, they can go and start up it's own league. If the Rock truly cared for the CFL, he'd bought the BC Lions on his own. The CFL will not not be used to rebuild the XFL.

McMahon never made a dime on the so called TV deal with ABC/ESPN and FOX. He gave it away for free. Now all the networks are going to expect free programming

I think Garcia got the cover story of the 100 million dollar to her Madison Avenue buddies to get the CFL to get a merger done sooner. That TV deal estimation is low and insulting

The venture capitalists are using the takeover playbook to overwhelm the CFL. Randy and the BOGs should tell the Rock and RB to pound sand


I think there are options to have both 3 & 4 downs so long as the rest of the rules are synchronized.

The fact the CFL haven't released any details and layed down reclines which they know full well their fan base want to hear says a lot I think. Now whether or not that winda up being bad or good is the real question.

The other issue is now with another covid wave I imagine that is having an impact on talks, which have been going on a lot longer than they've let on. That said I don't thinks talks would have started if the CFL and XFL didn't think there could be some compromise.

Remember these talks started way back when the CFL thought they would be able to run a full 2021 season. Obviously that is not going to happen now, at best we'll get shortened season. Maybe fans in stands in last half of that, so where that leaves the league financially is a serious concern.

We also don't know the thoughts of all the owners and their willingness to eat loses and or use their own money to support their own teams. The concern i have is that it is in the CFLs interest to negotiate a deal as quickly as possible, the longer it goes on the weaker our position.

That said interleague games would potentially open up a renegotiation of our TSN deal and get more cash out of them. The other concern I have is that the statements made by Redbird indicate they may be out of touch with their own fans, those fans not caring very much downs etc. Though it is obvious the Rock does get the fans of both leagues, which then begs the question was Redbird serious or just engaged in a negotiation ploy and or are the XFL owners on the same page?

Redbird didn't earn their billions without being savvy negotiators, that said the CFL has they the XFL needs and can leverage powerfully to get excellent terms. So.... ?

Interesting concept!!

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So when MLSE says "the Argos will join the XFL" and the new owners of the Als say "we will too", immediately followed by the Stamps, now what do you do? How does Braley's estate ever sell the Lions? Do the Lions stay part of a 6 team CFL with no (or a significantly reduced) TSN contract (in a market that is competing directly against a new Vancouver expansion XFL franchise)? or do they actually try to monetize the team and sell out to the XFL? Now you have five teams in small markets. At that point bye Hamilton and Ottawa. Lights out.


Exactly, sorry @DaveDaHammer but Covid looks like it got us. Merger is going to happen, what that looks like is still up in the air and no reason why the combined league won't adopt most of the CFL rules.

We can stand firm in negotiations, merge etc and still come out strong. You're not talking about taking a strong negotiation position, you're talking my way or the highway suicide. No thank you.

From everything we've heard so far it appears clear the XFL in particular The Rock gets it and appreciates the sensitivity of the situation. Thus I am confident the deal will be fair and in the best interests of the sport.

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The CFL owns the rights to the TML .

The individual teams would need to start afresh they cannot just take the TM to another league .

They would need to have the league collapse or buy out their TM to bring the Argos or Als to another league . The league would be most likely called the NFL though why bother with a league like the XFL .

The value of those names has heritage value to the CFL alone , I doubt MLSE wants into a XFL unless they want to kill the league and they get a NFL team . Then the value of the name would go up instantly .

There is no value to the XFL right now they just lost one of their eight Logo TM to the NFL with the Roughnecks .

That leaves 7 that were established for a whole two months . What is that really worth . If they waited they probably would have paid thousands instead of millions .


Not true. In the CFL the teams own the marks (it doesn't make much sense... but its true)

Here is a link to the Toronto Argonauts TM:

Yes they can. They own the marks.

Even if the teams agreed to leave the marks to the CFL (which they wouldn't... why would they?) they could take everything else. Stadium leases, equipment, staff.

If anyone thinks MLSE, MTL, Calgary, and probably Ottawa are staying in the (status quo) CFL they are absolutely delusional.

I can see the CFL fighting it and winning . I would think MLSE would save the TM for the NFL club if the CFL dies .

The TM would be wasted in the XFL .

But if the money is right and or the league is dead it might not be an issue .

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My thought is they would want a new “brand” to show the difference with a new league, and most importantly, to sell more swag. Besides, think of the hurt Toronto could lay on those sales of “Argos Suck” swag in Hamilton😉.