CFL-XFL could be 2023 — XFL insider

Yes, as long as they go with all cfl rules and 3 down football, I’m good with that. Cfl rules rule. 4 down football is to simple.


From my perspective, I don't understand the rush that everyone was in to merge the CFL and XFL together. It took 6 years to merge the NFL and AFL. Which was a pretty simple merger without field size and major rule changes.

Personally, I am very happy that the CFL has backed out from the merger talks. In my opinion the CFL needs to stabilize it's economic structure and revenue streams, not sell it's soul for a quick fix of cash. It's more important for the CFL work on adding a tenth team in Canada, which I believe should be in "Quebec City" and not in Atlantic Canada.

Then maybe in three years add preseason games (to experiment with possible future rules and field sizes) and a possible championship game between the CFL and XFL. In eight to nine years we could seriously then talk about merging into the U.S. with the XFL.

In the meanwhile, grow a U.S. audience using media outlets such as ESPN, Fox Sports and web content. I have been following the CFL since 1973, when Johnny Rogers joined the Montreal Alouettes. Once Americans get a true taste of the CFL, you find that the excitement and speed of the game, makes it hard to watch the NFL. Now for the present, let's get to the 2021 season. Go Blue Bombers, can you say repeat!!!


I get a little peeved with people who presume to speak for everyone. Tell it to the fans in Baltimore.


Keep in mind that as much as Toronto has a covered stadium - - the Jays want no football in the dome - -baseball only.

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I think it's very doubtful talks ever resume.


It's over it's dead. No way they could combine 4d and 3d, plus field sizes, the time of year for play.

Interesting reply to this question by a reader:

"I believe the reason these rumours are swirling is because they provide some leverage for the Argos. As much as Toronto draws poor crowds, having a team in Canada’s largest city is important for attracting national sponsors and media attention. The rest of the league knows this, which could increase their willingness to negotiate with MLSE."

It is ludicrous to think Torontonians who consider the CFL minor league would have even the slightest interest in the far more minor league XFL. And MLSE is too smart to even consider the possibility.

As for MLSE bailing on the CFL, if/when that should ever happen, just as Dale Lastman found S&S to bankroll the Alouettes, there will always be some well heeled individual out there willing to right the Argos ship.


I doubt they would support the XFL at all.
As for MLSE, a few people, including some politicians suggested that the CFL should have been asking MLSE for a loan last year instead of the government.

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Yeah, but Bob Young was willing to loan money for a CFL season in 2020, nobody took him on his offer and he ain't rich as MLSE

Technically though if the Argos are bleeding money and I have no doubt they are, isn't MLSE already sort of loaning money in a way to the CFL to keep them afloat, no pun intended, which does help the league since the Argos do draw some decent TV numbers and as the article on 3rdDownNation indicates, sponsors, advertisers want a team in Toronto even if they draw poorly for game attendance? MLSE doesn't need the Argos in the least if they are bleeding money other than it does look good for them supporting a Canadian league with a long history and with a long and very storied history in Toronto itself.


What a relief. Good-bye XFL see you ...uh...never!


To paraphrase what WKRP's Arthur Carlson once said "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly". Classic episode. LOL!