CFL-XFL could be 2023 β€” XFL insider

What I glean from this is that it could end up being two separate leagues with a common championship, at least in the beginning. I could see the US teams playing 3-down ball on a the smaller field with adjustments to the kicking game and other rules, and the CFL phasing in similar rules and a smaller field over two or more seasons. Eventually, there would be interlocking play between the two leagues until they eventually merge into divisions after getting over the inevitable growing pains.

This seems like a lot to get out of what they guy said, but the way I read it it gave me a hunch about where they'd like go with this.


Translation: The idea is DOA.


Decent opinion piece, but really just all conjecture. I would take it with a large grain of salt.


I think he knows a lot more than you give him credit for.

While I read many pundits claim the XFL has these big TV contracts, that is false. ESPN requested and obtained judgement during bankruptcy proceedings to be allowed out of its TV contract with the XFL.

While the contract did not provide funds to the XFL, ESPN covered production costs in exchange for 50 percent split from the on-air advertising revenues.

The XFL has no TV contracts and ESPN already owns CFL TV rights via its TSN affiliate.

At this point they have some trademarks, that is about it.


The CFL is broke broke broke no matter which way you slice it. An XFL CFL merger (that's what it really is) will help the CFL for sure plus. The so called ESPN CFL TV contract is a joke, they use the TSN feed. But with the XFL brand as small as it currently is ESPN will definitely broadcast a lot of games plus if Stephen A talks about your league, I rest my case. That's the influence of the Rock. This is the new landscape of sports. The CFL will not die it will finally grow.


After seeing the NFL crazy money you can see why they keep trying to get some of that money that might fall from the pockets with a Spring league .

Maybe fools gold in the end but you can see why it looks on paper it will work .

Media deals will make or break the CFL , XFL or IFA or whatever league comes out of this covid crisis at the other end .

Bell has 3.8 billion in liquidable assets it can easily float the CFL the next two or three years so it keeps it's CDN content and could probably resell it better south than it does today .

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Um those of you who know me and mocked me relentlessly back in 2019 when I predicted that based on thr CFL business model that eventually it would seek partnership in some form with the XFL. So now I get to say it, I told you so. Not that I am gloating but after the horrid way I was treated on these boards it is nice to be vindicated.

My business analysis was spot on, only I figured that all things being normal it would take several more years to come about. The covid crisis and the departure of McMahon clearly accelerated things.

I'll say now what I said then, if the CFL is to survive at all, it must look south of the border. Revenue could be used to bring Halifax on board, improve player salaries and conditions, allow players to finally become full time professional athletes which will dramatically improve on field performance, overall a better product financed regardless if teams are allowed to sell tickets or not.

A TV deal will come, in particular if the XFL can use the CFL credibility, that's a game changer. Exactly like I stated in 2019, also now with streaming service wars in high gear acquiring sports content is going to be BFD.

So I would ask folks to keep an open mind, be willing to be flexible and understand that it is not possible for our game to go forward as it was. There is absolutely no future for CFL without change and embracing a more global outlook, whether we personally like it or not it is the reality in which we have to deal with.

This could mean 10 to 12 teams in Canada before the end of the decade, a version of our game played all across the continent and viewed globally. We form a partnership or die.

Keeping many aspects of our game will make sense to the XFL, field size or at least width I think has a high possibility of being adopted. The NFL safety committee has been looking at it for years and has said many times that using a field width based on CFL standards would likely reduce injuries and increase action.

Many old school NFL fans lament the moving back of the goal posts, though 3 downs may be in jeopardy no growth and change come without actual differences some of which will be hard to swallow but that is the nature of compromise. It is in the XFL's interests to adopt more CFL rules than the other way around.

Its an opportunity to ensure the CFL has a long life and ends the cycles of feast and famine financial cycles which lean more famine. We can and should embrace that, yes that includes moving up the season. TV is now king, period, and the NFL owns the market from September to February.

I hope we all remain open to possibilities this allows, keep financial stability mind set and try to check emotions as much as reasonable. Change is not an option, it is a must.


So why did Ambrosie go to the government and ask for a bail out if Bell can keep the CFL "easily" afloat for two or three years?? :dizzy_face:

That conversation was probably about who now own's what ;if he did that last year . With government money it's not ownership .

My thoughts are if Bell does this ; the CFL really are owned by a single entity . They most likely own it by pseudo with the media deal as it is now as it now really relies on those funds more than ever .

No way the Argos deal is not tied to keeping the league alive today and yesterday .

I use to think it was just from keeping a outside business getting rights to BMO but it's obvious it's bigger than that it's about the CFL rights and the content .

So they are in for a penny in for a pound .

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If you want to support the newer and watered down version of Canadian Football that's your choice.

Clearly you never had the confidence and the belief in Canadian game in beginning.

Welcome back. Didn't notice you were gone.

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If my choices are watching a new CFL that is only 80% of what it use to be or 0% because it folded, well that's an easy choice.

My confidence in the game has never wavered, just my confidence in the business model and those managing it.

There should be no XFL because the CFL moved into the US and locked up the secondary market, but that ship sailed. Perhaps if they had we would have enjoyed watching a 2020 season.

It doesn't matter how feel about the game, if we want even a shred of CFL to have any future then change isn't optional anymore. It is adapt or die.

When you have a patient with an unsaveable limb you amputate to save the life. Is that life the same, no, obviously, but that person has a future rather than being under the ground.

That is reality we face, we don't have to like any more than the person being told amputate or die, but like them those are the only options left on the table because we wasted earlier opportunities.

Your attitude is one of youd rather see the league fold than change, sounds more hate and denial. There no future for the league under the current business model, none, that truth has been starring us in the face for a while. We played denial knowing full well only a crisis away from potential oblivion, the crisis is upon us and still there are those who refuse to believe it.

Oh well.

I never hated whatever you think I hated, it's the principal of the matter.

You left when you were getting called on your theories. You're the that compromised your principals just for the sake of having the CFL.

If I didn't know any better you wanted the CFL to fold just to prove to us that you're right.

Or has it always been about an elusive NFL franchise coming to Toronto.

Your dream will finally come true.


Not my dream, there is a difference between what I want to happen and what I think will happen.

I stopped posting because there was no season and honestly we were going around in circles on stuff because of what people emotionally wanted regardless if it made business sense or if the $$ was there to actually support it.

It is painfully clear Canada is not going to support the CFL in its current format, don't have to like it but it is the world we must navigate.

I don't want the league to fold, which is why in my original post so long ago my suggestion was for the CFL to beat XFL to the punch. When it didn't do that I then suggested the CFL buy thr XFL, considering for how cheaply it went I find it hard to believe an American ownership group couldn't have been found to finance measly $15 million.

But alas the CFL and many of its fans on here continued to do what they have been doing the last decade plus, refuse to consider expansion anywhere other than Canada, refuse to adjust the business model of the league like revenue sharing etc.

My prediction was a warning, that if CFL didn't modernize and look toward expansion south it would eventually be backed into a corner with less options and fewer choices. If they had acted several years ago they would have been in the driver's seat, now The Rock is and the CFL will likely have to give more ground than would have if they had pursued this before crisis.

My prediction wasn't a wish, it was please avoid the obvious by taking action now. No one listened, no action was taken, crisis came early, now if the CFL is to even survive they are basically gonna have to swallow a lot, schedule change likely just a starting point.

I talked about how TV is king and the looming streaming war and how that would drive the desire for sports content to new highs, that we could fill that gap easily or do nothing and allow someone else to. A media deal now will 100% demand regular season be over before start of NFL at minimum, not negotiable.

Doesn't mean we can't do some other type of events in the fall but once the NFL starts any oxygen in the room gets sucked up. Likely rule changes will be required as well, probably a hybrid of the types. Again with CFL having to relent on the majority of points because it waited till the midst of crisis to negotiate, rather than from the position strength I had advocated for.

What I am saying is that those of you who wanted to pretend everything would magically continue as it was without any change whatsoever were in denial and living a fantasy. I wanted to get ahead of things to preserve the sport as much as possible, certainly more so then will be possible now.

Broke people carry little bargaining power, all we really have at this point is our credibility. Joining the XFL makes them instantly legit, for that they will pay a lot of money, but only if we meet them at their table now because they have the cash.

If we dont they'll wait till we're bankrupt and in administration and buy us at auction. No one wants that. I am angry that people would rather have insulted me and risk the very life and future of thr league then consider any change at all. This isn't 1995, the world changes and we didn't, it was a warning of the consequences.

We reap what we sow, we weren't willing to bend before not to even survive we may have to snap. There was no need for it, none, we only have ourselves to blame. The only thing we can do now is consider how we move forward and perhaps people such as yourself will finally be more open minded and listen to those of us trying to preserve the league in the best way possible given that things have to change, but changing is not optional.

We will be changed one way or another, we can fight it and lose everything or go with it and keep some aspects of the old ways, business as usual ain't on the table. Never was, hence why I am pissed because those you with your heads in the sand are waking up to that reality and not giving us who warned you any credit.

If Wishing only made it so, but not how our world works and certainly not with leadership we've had.


Personally i believe Redbird will buy the CFL after bankruptcy
then have free reign for the xfl to operate.

I sadly think it's over.

In that case, then there's wasting their time with all of these talks.

If the league folds, the season ticket bases, TV contract and sponsors will be gone. They'll have nothing than intellectual rights which won't be guaranteed. Why risk if someone else decides to put in a bid?

If they want to expand to Canadian market and not start from scratch, they're better off working out something with the CFL

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To be fair, what is being stated here is clear, The C.F.L. in this present form can not survive..period, I am not big on change either but I give full marks for trying to keep the League alive. If we supported C.F.L. over the years better than we would not be in this position. just my 2 cents,


You do realize that once the merger takes place, it's over.

The XFL is only interested in the 3 cities from Canada.

Like I said, it's fans like yourself and many others that probably rag on the league for being stagnant.

Enjoy your watered down version if you choose to so.

Can't see this version working in the long term.

I guess it's time to follow the NFL fully.

Go Cowboys.

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its like if you are thinking about buying dying bookstore group but you realize its on its last legs. then you just wait until its value to anyone else but you is minute. Why prop it up now? wait and buy it from the bank for pennies

I’m a football purist. I’m happy watching any kind of football. Of course I would prefer CFL, but if having football continue means merger and compromising on some rules , so be it.The way I look at it is we will still have our teams. The new league doesn’t eliminate the CFL teams.As a fan I can still cheer for my team.