CFL worth it again

Im an American who loves the CFL. Growing up in Erie Pa. in the 70s I could access to 4 canadian TV stations by turning the antena convertor and it would pick up the signal to these stations. They would come in clear at night in the summer and even in the fall. One station was from London another from Kitchener cant remember the other stations but besides Expo and Blue Jay baseball I couldnt wait to tune into the CFL games. My viewership became sporadic the last 20 years I remember the 80s ESPN showing games and playoffs in the 90s I saw very little. The last 10 years I was able to see more games and playoffs when the Buffalo sports network carried games but that station went bankrupt. I get the games on a station called Amerca one and hope they continue to show games because its my only access.The last 5 or 6 years ive been even more captivated by the CFL with the number of great games that have been on . It is to a point that I watch more CFL than the over exposed overrated product that is the NFL. This site is great but I wish the CFL marketed itself more. I tried to buy team videos from the CFL hall of fame but most of the videos werent in stock. I wish there was more literature as in books about the CFL but there doesnt seem to be much out there. I also wish they had more game DVDS out there especially this past Grey Cup that just reassures me what a great game this is. I always wonder if there are alot of Americans who love the CFL like me. Keep up the good work love this sight.

You hit the nail on the head eirepacflfan. I too am living in the US (IL) and I get about a month or two of CFL coverage before Comcast drops it for more "regional" sports. The league does not market itself and in the 80s a good chunk of the potential fan base was lost to the NFL. I would like to see the CFL:

  1. Expand (adding as many teams in Canada as possible)
  2. Get out a game for kids and young adults to play (as great as MaxFB is, there are some issues)
  3. Develop an arm of the league that deals with making videos (it'll never be NFL Films, but they have to do more than the old VHS stuff, the odd CBC Grey Cup from mid decade and the Legends DVD's)
    Of course, the CFL needs money to do these things and while the league may be fan friendly, it is also revenue poor compared to the other major North American sports leagues.

You guys probably missed Grey Cup week on TSN. It was FANTASTIC. Superb videos and analyses, lots of guts and glory retakes on past games (à la NFL Films). Really great stuff. The problem is the US coverage, not the Canadian coverage, which is excellent.

Try youtube. There's all kinds of CFL stuff on there. Even iTunes in the US has some CFL stuff, though none of the games or the Grey Cup sadly :frowning:

We need to lobby the league to post the stuff on US iTunes.

Thanks for the heads up rpaege. I'll check out youtube. I've gotten updates from the league channel over there, but hopefully some fans have put all the extras up. I remember back many years ago, the CBC used to do 5-6 hrs of pre-game, where they even got the CFHoF to provide film for every GC game possible, and trucked out the really old-timers to reminisce about the great old days. I'm glad that TSN is doing stuff like that to whip people into a frenzy.

On Saturday before the GC, TSN did an entire day of coverage. It was really tremendous. Next year I'm going to record as much as possible.

We are so lucky to have such a rich history of football in this country, our own version!