CFL Wired week 12 TOR@HAM

Got the bye week blues??

Give this a watch to get your ticat fix this weekend.

What a well deserved break for the top team in the CFL!!!

These bye weeks will be lining up VERY nicely for the Ticats.

After this bye we play 4 games then another bye before finishing the season with 3 more games.
We very likely will be enjoying one more bye before the East Final and hopefully a Grey Cup appearance.

Just watched. These teams do not like each other.

At all.

Simoni is hilarious

Thanks GCBound!
Loved it!!

Simoni is the man!! I loved to hear him trash-talking that pos Wilder.

Mike Filer is the living embodiment of the Bye Week Blues

I’d say Simoni’s burns were almost enough to make the claim that we got the better of Wilder on the day, even after he instigated the ejection of two of our starters.


“I don’t know why they keep givin’ your sorry @$$ the ball. You’re the worst in the league!”

That was awesome. Also, "you came back for THIS?" ?