CFL wired ' grey cup edition ' best episode yet. Ticats trash talked all game

Best episode yet. Most of them I do not watch but I did this week. Hamilton was quite dirty in their trash talking and any Tiger-Cats fan including the team players/coaches can sort of understand how they let a 15-3 season get away from them in the Grey Cup.
Winnipeg just rolled the Tiger-Cats and didn’t put up with their trash talking. Some of it was quite hard to listen to.

Yawn. That’s not why they lost. Team had a swagger all year and when they won it was their calling card. They were confident all year. I’ll take that any day.

They lost cause they flat out got beat.

There’s no golden take here, or anywhere else. Better team won on Sunday. Just like the better team won the other 16 times they didn’t lose.

Swagger, swagger-something…sounds so familiar…cant put my finger on it…

Yeah they talked alot of trash in the last Als game too but this time it bite them in the ass Big time as they Choked in the biggest game of the season.

That’s the obvious conclusion. If they talked trash in 100% of their games and won 16 of 20, clear it was the trash talking that caused them to lose their last game.

Not what I was concluding just saying that it finaly caught up with them in the Biggest way possible…When it counted the most .Nice to go 16 of 20 and Choke when it counts the most.Calgary has passed the flame to the cats…just saying

“Finally caught up with them” or it didn’t catch up with them at all and Winnipeg just beat them.

Had they all played as mutes and not said a word they would have still lost.

My assessment is that Winnipeg caught lucky breaks in the West Final and the Grey Cup. They played a quarterback with two torn muscles in his back. It took a field goal post and a third string quarterback turning the wrong way on a handoff to pull out the West Final. The Winnipeg defense was still torched for close to 400 through the air.

In the Grey Cup, the Winnipeg defensive back was completely beat on a play but the Hamilton reciever drops a pass at the three yard line. Winnipeg then benefitted from the M.O.P going down half way through the game.

The league had alot of parity this season. Realistically any team in the playoffs had a shot this season. Lucky bounces are often what decide games between evenly matched squads. Winnipeg just happened to catch those during the playoff run.

No way. If you watched the game or even if you just glanced at the stat sheet, it’s quite clear. The Bombers were simply the better team on Sunday.

…actually, other than turnovers, the stats sheet is pretty even…

…I believe what West was getting at was going into each game, things were pretty even between various combatants…therefore parity…

Anyone that watched the game knows it wasn’t even remotely close…regardless of stats. To say we were lucky is trying to slight the win. It’s no different than any other championship win by any other team in sports.
The games vs CGY & Sask were much closer, sure. Almost any game comes down to only a couple of plays, including the losses the Bombers had.
Bombers were dominant to start the season, mediocre for a stretch, and dominant again when it mattered most.

Actually, statistics wise, the Bombers were “dominated” in the West final.

No slight to the Bombers. I’m only pointing out that it seems the original post isn’t respecting the competition. By all accounts, the Ticats had a very good season as did five other teams.

Thanks Red. This is what I was getting at. Overall a very successful season.

You’re right they were. But one catch at the 2 and it’s an 8 pt game with a ton of time left. Momentum is a strange thing. One bounce or bad Collaros decision and it’s a tie game. Air came out of the Cats, fans,p etc. punting down two scores with like 12 mins left. We all knew it was over.

That though is a huge stat, and it was completely one-sided.


…indeed it is lopsided…in the grand scheme of things though all those turnovers directly resulted in 10 points…not a huge deficit to overcome…

…there’s no question the bombers were the better team once all was said and done…during the national anthem though, it was a toss-up…during the national anthem of any of the playoff games it was a toss-up…that’s good for the league in my opinion, shows that things like salary cap is working…