CFL Winter Meetings

An interesting read on the issues to be discussed at the meetings - 2 additional Globals, nationalized Americans, NFL tryout window, 1 less QB.

That’s the really problematic one for me. Given all the starters who went down for various periods of time this past season, the need for quality backups should be obvious. Cutting down from 3 to 2 is playing with fire, I think.

Agreed. The quarterback position is the most important one on the field so developing QB’s is of the utmost importance for the presentation of the product on the field

And just because Ambrosie wants to add another Global. ::slight_smile:

Fireside chat with Commish by Naylor

RE: replacing an injured Canadian player with an American.

So if one team replaces an injured Canadian with an American does that mean the ratio goes down by 1 for the opposing team for as long as that player is injured or do they still have to play a Canadian player?

Maybe I’m missing something here, but with this “nationalized american” rule, a team could get away without starting any Canadian born players.

Just doing a quick scan of the starters on the Ticats depth chart from the Grey Cup. On defense, these guys would all be considered “nationalized americans” at the start of next season.

  • Delvin Breaux - 4 years with HAM.
  • Cariel Brooks - 3 years with HAM.
  • Richard Leonard - 3 years with HAM.
  • Simoni Lawrence - 7 years with HAM.
  • Rico Murray - 7 years in CFL (5 non-consecutive with HAM).
  • Ja’gared Davis - 4 years in CFL.

On offense:

  • Ryker Matthews - 3 years with HAM.
  • Luke Takser - 7 years with HAM
  • Tyrell Sutton - 8 years in CFL.
  • Brandon Banks - 7 years with HAM.

A team is required to start 7 Canadians. The list above would easily cover that. Is this really what the powers that be came up with?

Randy Ambrosie declared during today’s session that he wishes to expand CFL outside Canada in 2021. Some speculated that this statement could mean that the Argos VS Roughriders game on July 25 would be played in Mexico, but Ambrosie clarified that it will be Moncton or Halifax.

He also said that combines will be hold in Europe, Mexico and Japan, and that he will create an «orientation comitee» to help Schooners Sports and Entertainment.

Moncton and Halifax are no longer part of Confederation? For shame ;D

Glad to hear the Mexico speculation for July 25 got shot down. They will need at least a year in advance for an international game.

Considering the Argos season ticket renewal notices came out about an hour after the Halifax vote and also coinciding with 8 home games, Touchdown Atlantic is the only place that made sense for a neutral site match.

Ambrosie stated 2021.
July 25th game in Moncton or Halifax would be 2020.

Still in the Confederation. :slight_smile:

The English version.

CFL commissioner envisions first international regular-season game in 2021

I’m guessing that means that whole US expansion fiasco doesn’t count. CFL revisionist at its best.

Same as how airlines work around here. :wink:

Flying to the US is considered ‘transborder’. Anywhere else is international