CFL Wins Weekend TV Ratings Again.

So what else is new? Will it mean more coverage for the CFL especially in the east? Hell no. This is Canada after all, don't forget. And what happens up here isn't as important as what goes on down south. Too bad, eh?

Have you got the numbers?

Yeah, they're in the Globe and Mail.
BC-Saskatchewan was close to 600,000 viewers. Highest number of the year.
Edmonton-Hamilton 408,000
Toronto-Calgary- 309,000, but the game was blacked out in CAlgary
Montreal-Winnipeg- 280,000, but that doesn't include the French language viewers.

NFL Sunday night- 320,000 viewers
Baseball Sunday night- 51,000 viewers.
ARgos beat the Blue Jays head to head.
CFL beat baseball head to head.
CFL beat NFL head to head
The numbers are there in black and white

So what gets the headlines? NFL and baseball. Figger that one out?

write the TORONTO...ect... newspapers.

I wish it were just Toronto. I live in London, Ontario. Andy Fantuz played for the Mustangs. He set records for the Stangs. A team that gets great support in this city.

Yet how much play did the London Free Press give to Fantuz's great performance on Sunday? Two bloody paragraphs inside of page 2 with a tiny headline. That is it.

Of course there was a full page each on golf, baseball and the NFL. I emailed the sports editor of the Free Press, but he hasn't responded. Because he has no response.

Even the local radio sports show, which does a show on the Mustangs, didn't even mention it.

I'm beginning to think the Canadian sports media is run by people who know zip about sports, except for what they see on American TV.

So they figure must figure what's popular down there is the same up here. Thats the only illogical explanation I can think of.

Or, is it run by a handful of people that have completely sold out to American interests?

I had 2 TV’s going with that rider game ( taping on one tv and me watching with my mom on the other ) … WAS A GREAT game, kudos on both sides…

As for ‘who gets the headlines’… who gives a crap? I understand we all want more insight and analysis. But isnt that was this forum, etc. was made for? :wink:
And yea, those are some pretty impressive numbers :rockin: ~~~thanks berezin99

I'll 2nd that berezin, thanks, hope you don't mind I posted your post on Sportsnet.

Sure, why not? We're all just p----ing in the wind anyways. Nothing we say or write will change anything. Like bleedgreen says. We basically have to accept thats the way it is in the Canadian media. Which is run down what we have, like hockey or curling. Or jsut ignore it, like the CFL. Strange little country we have here.

YES!!!! CFL rules!!!

no more NASCAR right?

The NFL is easy for the media as they can fill their newspaper columns and sportscasts with tons of professionally written and produced stories from the U.S. without doing anything. The CFL requires a conscious effort, interviews, fact checking, ect, they often have to write the stories from scratch...while the NFL is slick and easy.

that's true, so you think the Canadian media is just too lazy to cover their own game?