CFL Wins The Day Again

On Monday the ARgos-Esks game drew 750,000 viewers. Doubling what TSN did for its Monday Night NFL game.
And the CFL ratings doubled and even tripled what the baseball playoffs are getting on Sportsnet.

So I buys a Globe and Mail today, and what do I see?
All baseball all the time. And the only football article some AP story on the Buffalo Bills. There were even a few stories about basketball. But of course, not one article on the CFL.

And the Globe calls themselves Canada's national newspaper? Looks like a local Hogtown rag to me. You know. All baseball all the time. Despite how few people care. Somebody has to shake the heads of the sports editors.

the answer is, dont buy a business newspaper for sports coverage.

I never buy the Toronto Globe and Mail.

What you failed to mention was that the numbers for both CFL games were down from last year by quite a bit which makes me wonder about the coverage the CBC is providing when you consider that TSN had a very strong number of 405,000 on friday night. Also the NFL also had a weak number on Sunday evening.

Beautiful gorgeous weather, more people than usual enjoying the outdoors. But man, our papers should be filled with Canadian content, do they have Canadian content rules for newspapers by section BTW? They should, too easy to pull off stories for the big leagues rather than creating good, excellent home generated content.

It's really a little bit of a disgraceembarassment to live in a country where the biggest city has a hard-on for american anything.

A large portion of Toronto's sports media community seem to forget what country they actually live in.

Few, and I mean not very many at all, even care about baseball in Canada unless they live in Toronto. But even the baseball fans in Toronto don't give a rats as* about anything baseball unless it involves the Jays.

I think there may perhaps be some kind of secret society in the Toronto media that is really americans with fake canadian citizenships trying to brainwash everyone.

Way to go Toronto (Yes, Canada if you've forgotten) sports writers!

You make us look to be such proud Canadians, so very proud.

It's really no wonder that the NFL fans and players think the CFL is such a joke. You make it look that way by covering it like a joke.

Funny thing is BigDave is that this really is backfiring on Toronto media I believe, if they want an NFL team there. I mean, the NFL has to look at this and say that they can't even be loyal to their own, if we ever did put a team in Toronto they'd probably turn in a second and make the NFL team look like rinky dinks. Bottom line, the NFL isn't impressed by the little class Toronto media shows to itself and if you can't do this, well, then it really is a classless city and best to stay out.

PS. Some Toronto media though do write some good articles about the CFL, just very few and far between.

WRITE THE GLOBE , complaining about it here does absolutley nothing.


The GLOBE is a lousy paper for sports. Marty York , got his start there.

And I agree that The GLOBE is American/Toronto centric.

WRITE THE EDITOR's with those CFL T.V. ratings facts and your other complaints about their so called " national " newpaper.

STEVE BRUNT , is part of this problem.

Hellothere and Earl:
I did write the editor, a Dave Leeders. I gave the same facts I posted here. These are cold hard numbers. But of course he didn't respond. Because he has no response.

He's probably a huge baseball fan, and therefore thinks nothing of giving three full pages to the baseball playoffs. Never mind few are watching the baseball playoffs. The Americans care, and thats all the matters to most sports editors in this country.

And EArl:
I don't know what you mean by "big league"? The CFL and NHL our are "big leagues". Baseball and the NBA are niche sports up here.

But your thinking pervades the media up here. They consider our sports mainly local stories, while American sports are viewed as being popular nationally. Which can't be further from the truth.

Bottom line. The media is totally screwed up. And us CFL, CIS, CHL etc etc etc end up getting the screw.

I agree berezin but I guess if you're the big shot, the editor in this case, you have room to publish what you want. We should all remember that the media is just that - media - not a government or anything like this, just media, a private company usually.

Berezin, I use the term "big league" for the simple case of referring to what the general consensus is with all sports - NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, and Premier Divisions in soccer. The CFL really isn't in most people's minds as big league, Americans I'm talking about here. I completely agree with you that the CFL is our big league along with the NHL and I've always thought Canadians should feel this way. For me it is and many others here. I would rather go to a CFL game than any other game, including NHL. So I'm just using it for the majority of what Americans think, and as you say, the media here really is more concerned with how Americans think, and their big city citizens probably in some cases, then their fellow countrymen. The media are really all American wannabees in most instances, not all though, Jim Hunt was a good example. A lot of people go into media for the thinking it will make them feel "big time", they can get into locker rooms and interview big-time athletes etc. They can get carried away with all this and then when it gets to the CFL, well, they say why should I care, Americans don't know the league or care, won't get me anything in my career. Remember, many media people are driven but not necessarily very bright or what I would call Canadians looking to make Canada into a great country, they are just looking out for themselves. Not all but most. So we probably have to live with the CFL being on the back burner for a lot of these guys in the media, they don't give a rats arse about looking good to most of us.