Cfl Wiki Page Out of Date

My bike tour got cancelled, and these catholics take this JEsus stuff seriously, so im as. Ored as i was in Canada..
So anyways, the wiki page does the CfL a huge disservice.. It has nothing on the new salaries and still quotes 4 million dollars and 32000 as the cap and min. wage.. If I was an American, Id be looking at this and thinking 32000 minus 16 percent. This is lunch money really. The reality isnt that much better, but atleast it is better..
The good part about not updating the wiki is that attendance is at an alltime high of around 29000.. The CFL would kill for attendance like that nowadays.

The key is though what is revenue per team. Attendance is a nothing figure with revenue figures since revenue is what it is about. Television programs and movies produced often using no people in attendance or very few, it’s all about how many people are going to watch the programs on television or at the theatre. One day pro sports will be exactly like that and it is moving in this direction as we speak. Sports is slow to learn of course. :wink: Bands, most don’t really care if you go to their concerts, they want you to buy their music online or cd’s. Same sort of thing. There will be a day when the most followed sports teams may have hardly anyone actually at the games when they are played. And I’m dead serious with that. I also think that leagues that rely for their existence a lot of bums in the seats for games are doomed to fail in the long run.

You're complaining about a lack of updates from a site that can be updated by anyone? If you don't like it, update it yourself, be productive!

oh god no, not a bungle update



I might be bored...but not that

The fact is... Most players contemplating trying it out up here know jack squat about the league.. You think the league itself would update the page.

Or they could just put the info on their own website, where prospective players would know the information is correct and not updated by who knows who - disgruntled fan, rejected player, or just someone trying to be funny.

Where is this website?


No.. Im not being sarcastic.. I would bet money on it that a very large percentage of American players google "CFL" out of curiosity, and this is what they are left to believe.. Im sure more than a couple have said," screw it, I can make more money roofing or working as a bartender."

That's probably true. Even if the Wikipedia entry were up-to-date, many of them would still come to the same decision. But it still pays better than not playing for most potential players.

But you are correct that the salary cap isn't listed on the CFL web site (which is listed at the bottom of the Wikipedia page). Maybe it should be included on the "How can I play in the CFL?" page. (And of course, that page isn't up-to-date, as it still shows a 42-man roster. Oops.)

Im sure more than a couple have said," screw it, I can make more money roofing or working as a bartender."
And that is what draws me to the CFL, it makes these humans understand what life is about rather than American college sports that makes all, repeat ALL even marginal players, players think they are going to make millions making the MLB, NFL, NBA, and CHL does the same with the NHL really. In the CFL, if I'm an admin and I sign a player, my first sentence to this potential player is this - "what else can you do for your life since football is a short career in most cases and the CFL doesn't pay big bucks". The CFL is probably one of the few pro leagues that doesn't decept people because if you can read, you know what CFL players make. Beauty of the CFL. :thup:

Hey, lots of players can dunk a basketball as good as LeBron or Wiggins really. Or catch a football, slapshot a puck, hit a baseball, kick a soccer ball, whatever.

I know everything has a wiki....but...the CFL has a wiki?

I assumed he was talking about the CFL article on Wikipedia - I mentions the salary cap from the 2007 and 2010 CBAs, but hasn't been updated yet with the 2014 CBA numbers.

If you want the WIKI for CFL updated, go to their Web site for the CFL and start editing the segments.
WIKI is a non profit organization and updates are provided by readers and then verified for use on WIKI.
There are no WIKI employees that go thru the Subjects and updates them.

Im saying someone at the CFL office should do it.. Whether they support wiki or not... When you google CFL, ot os literally the second thing that pops up.. To have that spreading negative misinformation about your league, can not be a good thing...

So I finally decided to look at what's actually in Wikipedia, and I'm thinking you're looking at a really old version of the page. This is what I see.


  • Max. team salary in 2013: $4.4 million (not $4.0 million)
  • Min. player salary in 2010: $42,000 (not $32,000)

You are correct that the new CBA isn't mentioned, but the salary cap numbers for 2013 are there. Perhaps the league should update the site with the most recent info, although maybe they just don't want the information readily available. If they did, you'd think they'd put it on their own website.