CFL wide Jersey Auction for Your local Cancer Charities

Hello Fellow CFL'ers:

I started CFL Fans Fight Cancer 2 years ago as a brother group to Les's Fund-NLL Fans Fighting Cancer. So far these two fundraising efforts have helped raise over $70 000 for various charities across North America.

Last year we held a silent auction in Halifax at Touchdown Atlantic and raise $2500 for the Jeffery Navaux Bone Marrow Transplant program in Nova Scotia.

This year I'd like to get some thing going that would show Canada that CFL fans are proud members of thier community. But I need your help.

Okay here's the idea.
A League Wide Jersey Raffle:

  1. A fan group from every city would aquire a game weight jersey of their team. (Either buy it, or have it donated by the team or a sports store.

  2. Each group would get 1000 raffle tickets printed off (either have a printer donated them of buy them)

  3. Sell the raffle tickets for $10 each at pre and post game parties and every where you can in your city.

  4. Have draw the winning ticket on Labour Day and present the winner with the jersey at the game. More importantly donate the $10 000 raised to the cancer charity(s) your group has decided on.

If we can get a group from every CFL city to do this and sell all the tickets, we can proudly say as a united community of CFL fans we raised over $80 000 in one season towards the fight against cancer in Canada.

That's just something to be very proud of and it shows the rest of Canada that CFL fans are great members of their community.

So let me know what you think and if you are interested. For more information on CFL Fans Fight Cancer or Les's Fund-NLL Fans Fighting Cancer please visit

I hope there's enough interest to pull this off, and enjoy the season everyone!

good idea


Let's keep this thread alive and get more cities involved!


Just recieved an email from the Peg, there is an interested party of Bomber fans who want to get this going in Bomberland.

Thanks for being the first to step up.

Let's get every city involved!

Who's next!

Great news, Winnipeg is the #1 city in Canada!!!

at least untill the Oil bring home the cup tonight., but still, they and the 7 other CFL cities, inculding Ottawa, should step up.

I think this is a genius idea. I am not sure if a single prize of a game worn jersey would influence people to buy $10 tickets. It probably wouldn't be hard to get some secondary prizes and sell 2000 tickets for $5. Not sure what you think of that idea. Money raised is the same. I will talk to some people and get back to you.

That's a great idea.

The game worn jersey is kind of the lynch pin. If a fan group takes this on, I'm sure several people working together can gather several great items for prizes.

As I said, carry the ticket selling on until a big game in the season at your stadium. I've choosen Hamilton because that's our day. But the Banjo Bowl would be a good game to make the draw or the Thanksgiving Day Classic games.

If your group can get rid of 2000 ticket go for it. I was also thinking that if each group could raise an extra $1000 each, we could meet at Grey Cup and present that money to Cancer Cares of Winnipeg as a gesture from the CFL fans to the people of Winnipeg for hosting us.

Just an idea.

Great idea's Dr. Rise, what team do you cheer for?


He is a Rider fan.


At least I’ve got to know the posters on here to tell what team they go for.

A party from Toronto just joined in today so now we have:

Regina (a possiblity...presently rallying the troops of Rider Nation)

Only 3 more teams to go, and of course if a Renegades fan group would like to get something going they are more then welcome too.

I hope to have the letters written up buy the weekend. I'm a school teacher and just had a huge report dumped in my lap so the letters may not be ready until Sunday or Monday.

My home email is

Thanks for your interest everyone, I know this is going to be great.


if the Gades want to be a powerhouse in Ottawa, they should and better step up and do this thing!

Come on Western Division fans and Montreal we need you!