CFL? why am i just hearing bout this..

i just found this site and was wondering why i have never heard or seen CFL on tv.. im one of the best DB's to walk this planet and most ppl tell me i should be in the NFL because im better than more than half the cornerbacks there.. but i dont have the money to go try out for teams an i dont like to borrow money from anyone.. i devote my life to football and everything i do is for football thats why i dont have a job.. i was watching highlights and thinking to myself i can out play all of those DB's i have seen on the site and out play any of those wideouts that were put against me.. Yes i went to college on a schlorship but i didnt have the money to eat nor to buy materials need for school so i had to leave.. but if i had the chance and money that most of you have now or had i would be one of the best to ever play the sport of football right behind my mentor Deion (PrimeTime) Sanders... VegasKings football.. LCFL WEST.. 24yrs old.. 6'1 184.. so im not old and once i get some money of my own then i will go to a camp...An you will see me soon.. the meantime try not to pull a muscle or anything dragging that ego around...

If you can backpedal without falling down, and own your own cleats, you may be able to dress for Toronto this weekend....

Go here...

You think he wants the 2007 Facts, Figures and Records book to read while he waits for a football job?

...two words for you VegasKing21:



....lives in Reno too, call him...

You think he wants the 2007 Facts, Figures and Records book to read while he waits for a football job?

Try the 3rd heading. Tells him to contact individual teams if he wants to try out.

Good luck Vegas, we could use some more talent here in Hamilton. Our team is called the Tiger-Cats BTW, give us a shout, who knows? :wink:

...before you can play VK21, you'll need to have your height/weight converted to metric, permanently, this may affect your ability to play in the NFL later on though so make this decision wisely....

...BTW, how is your command of the french language?...just asking...I'm sure it is fine, but I thought I'd ask before Immigration Canada does....

Quit messing him up. He's probably already rattled over the prospect of crossing the ocean to play football in Canada....

Looks like the Posse didn't leave much of an impression in Vegas.

You've never heard of it becuase you're not a good player. Players at any decent college know about the CFL as an option.

And you've obviously never watched Chris Berman on Sunday NFL Countdown, as he talks about the CFL quite often.

Or you've never watched much NFL because you always hear announcers talk about Doug Flutie, Jess Garcia, Warren Moon, Joe Theisman, Ricky Willams' et al. CFL careers.

Go away.

Good luck VK. Hope it all works out for you.

I can't believe yow many of you are falling for this.

the guy is a fraud! :lol:

bet you he can't cover me 8)

he probably can't cover a squirrel

well vegas baby, its like this. CFL is an elite league where only the best NFLers need apply, by invitation only. We try to keep it a secret so the average tom dick and harry wont waste our time with applications. If you are not already an NFl star at 24, then forget about it. You havent got a chance at even an invitation, let along making a team. Better luck next life.

What about a Chipmunk? Could he cover Machocia in a pass play? :lol: :lol: :lol:


the guy hasn't proven himself and I think he's looking for attention..

dear vegasking21, i'm gonna venture a guess that you may not be able to watch u.s. superstation cox in vegas,what with you not having any spinach to pay for anything,then again i might be need to stop clownin' though 'bout bein one of the best db's on the planet that just has not been discovered yet-i guess you're a victim of circumstance right? you're a victim of something else too, ignorance. how you gonna come on a site and tell anyone who will listen
that this is the only reason, you don't like to borrow money! if you are so confident in your abilities of being an all-world db then suck it up and borrow some of that good lettuce, to come and prove yourself-send a friggin tape out bro. you got to help yourself get a J-O-B. by saying prime is your "mentor", i think you meant role model, cause if the inventor of the hotdog cooking machine was your mentor, he'd be sending you anywhere to go take someone's job if he believed in you. stop your clownin and disrespecting the real athletes and put a tape together you kook. you're skillset and all-world abilities don't count for sh#t unless you do something with them. go take someone's job!

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