How many permanent seats , 8,500 or 10,000, CFL Mark Cohon said it can be expanded with temporary seats to 23,000 , is that possible.

                                                            Questions to be answered, that are confusing.
            Why don`t they build it bigger, why doesn`t the city of Moncton and province build a 25,000 seat stadium? 

           Why would the CFL take a regular reason game away from a CFL city and their fans, how can this benefit the CFL and the owners  AND SADLY ENOUGH the CFL wants to sign a 5 year deal to do this for five years and take opportunity from their fans and revenue away from CFL owners in their own cities. Why, this does not make any sense.

                                            Can someone explain and make some sense of this. I live in Halifax and have travelled to Moncton for many years doing business and the only reason they do well in their outdoor concerts on Magnetic Hill is because of Halifax who buys most of the tickets. I have talked to people in Moncton and they agree that the only place for a CFL team in Atlantic Canada is in Halifax and poeple from Moncton would agree, they cannot support, much smaller city and don`t have the numbers or the financial base to support a CFL team.

I would assume the games in Moncton are being used to expand the CFL market. Just like the Touchdown atlantic game in Halifax did. Five years? I believe that gives them the consistency that allows the promoters of the event to build on it and it's support. Think of it like the Bills in Toronto games. They are probably going to be paying more than what a CFL home team would make on a game and at the same time the league gets a presence in Atlantic Canada. Baby steps to an eventual team. I would even considering flying out East for a game (I live in BC), because it would probably be an incredible time.

I am also confused about the permanent to temporary ratio. I think that the temporary bleachers are something that for the first while are just going to be in place and don't have to be "ordered in" everytime they have a bigger event. They are probably going to be aluminum bleacher type of things that can be easily disassembled. That's the only way these types of games would make any sense, otherwise the cost of bringing in seating for every big event wouldn't make financial sense.


If the CFL were smart, they would put a ticats game out there. Head office purchases the game from Bob Young and puts it out east, then give ticats season ticket holders a chance to buy tickets at a discount to a ticats/argos game at the dome. Open a section of the 500s if you have to. As long as I have my wish list out, reach some kind of deal with GO Transit so that a gameday ticket counts as a train ticket as well.

I wonder if TSN had anything to do with this , I cant see it doing anything good for the teams , but if TSN can expand their exposure then it's all good for them.

Just pray that you guys don't build a stadium in hopes of a CFL team.

Look at us here in Hamilton. We built an arena in hopes of an NHL team. We are in the mix now for a team but the building is outdated and that's why it's going to take 100 mil to fix it up. State of the art arenas are build for 250-300 million.

The problem with football stadiums is that most of them are single use facilities. You need to really share it with a baseball team or have lots of big concerts. University teams don't draw the crowds to justify spending the money when you don't have to.

All I know as a season tix holder, I expect 9 Regular season home games, one preseason game, and one playoff home game.

If they even think about moving a Roughriders game to Friggin’ Moncton . . . Well then I will just have to be very upset about that.

I might even right a letter . . . and an email.

That's why I would like to see the league consider a 19th regular season game (at least until Ottawa comes back). I don't like seeing fans lose a home game when they only have nine to start with, but this is something that I have wanted to see for years. It is a great way to promote the league. It really shows a league reaching out to fans, which stands out in sports today.
A 19th regular season game would only add four games to the schedule. Play two in Moncton, and the other two in any city where the games could financially break even.

Oh my! Wouldn't want to have to lose ONE home game every FOUR years to grow the league.

I think they should host the Grey Cup in a dome every year. Rotate between BC, Montreal and Toronto. How you like that? Why deprive 20 000 Canadians from attending the Grey Cup to host it in a field in Saskatchewan at the end of November?

I am glad you see things my way. Thanks for the support. :smiley:

I dunno. If they offered a ticket to a banjo bowl, or a Ssk @ Cgy or Ssk @ Edm ticket instead of a home game ticket, I could see a lot of season ticket holders going for the road trip.

Calgary would be a good team to give up a home game, if they offered tickets to a Cgy @ Edm game later on and chartered a bunch of busses ( Commonwealth is big enough ).

Even if they offered the Moncton ticket, and arranged for a discounted travel and accommadations, it would be cool too.