I know I know, it's a slow spring day and we are anxiously waiting for the only sport season to start.
And I have to have a life, don't I.
But I keep hearing on the radio, TV, reading in the papers, the ads and seeing it in every store possible...wait it is the Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, commonly advertised as CFL.
Why you say, I thought we had this world wide trademark or at least North America wide?
Surely it's the same thing as the WWF, better known as the World Wildlife Federation and which threatened to sue and ultimately forced the Rastlers to change their name to the WWE.
Mr. Cohon please explain.
Does anyone know.

I'd say the CFootballL has a strong case based on the precedent set in the WWE's fight for the name WWF. The difference I think is CFL, in terms of the bulb is an acronym created by the media you say you are tuned in to. The companies have legal departments and I'm sure they have made sure they stand to gain nothing from using the same name and therefore even to advertise the CFL acronym on their product isn't in violation of the TM laws in Canada. But that by no means is anything but my 2 cents.


I have never heard of CFL bulbs, except for the few times it has come up on here.

I mean I am aware of compact energy saving lights, but I have never heard them referred to as CFLs.

Besides, the jokes are on the fools who refer to light bulbs as CFLs because nobody will associate "CFL" with lights.

CANADIANS will all immediately think of FOOTBALL!!!!

The CFL stands for Compact Florsent Lighbulb

Why not get a manufacture as a sponcer and put the Football logo on the bulb?

The different WWF’s were organizations using the same abbreviation.

The different CFL’s are not. One is an organization, the other is a specific product. In other words, the light bulb CFL isn’t a company that can claim that the football league making use of the same abbreviation is hurting its image.

I figure that’s where the difference lies.

They can make it part of their 'green plan'. Why not.

That's the exact difference. I would suggest that any company trying to TM "CFL" for light bulbs would have a hard go. But it's not a mark anybody owns, or is (as far as I know) seeking to own in terms of lightbulbs.

I have never checked, but "CFL" has got to be a registered mark of the League. If it's not, well, then, that's just foolish.

Agreed, it should be a trademark.

why are we making such stupid posts? like who give's a damn!?!?

are you this bored?

What's wrong with this post.
Again today on the drive home I heard it several times on this earth day about CFL bulbs.
Now can you imagine if let's say the lightbulbs had an NFL short acronym?
How long would you think this would fly before the NFL police and legal department would be all over it.

Personally I don't think they could do anything about it. The product is called Compact Fluorescent Lights. I looked for images but I could not find any where the package uses the letters "CFL" If the media and consumer chose to refer to them as CFL then there is nothing the league can do about it because it is not the fault of the manufacturer.

I think the better question is which one will last longer?

Great marketing idea. Buy a bulb with your team logo on it.

Hey Mark, Oh Mark, where ever you are.......

I'll take 10% for comming up with the idea!

I’ve noticed this when googling but didn’t think much of any legal aspects.

I must protest this blatant rip off of the acronym, "CFL". Having two things with the same acronym makes the league look bush.

It will scare away potential new fans, who will look at the league and say "What the heck is this league thinking? Naming itself after a lightbulb?!? I'm not gonna watch a league that's named after a lightbulb! That's waaaay too bush for me! I think I'll watch some synchronized swimming instead. No lightbulbs there."

True, die-hard fans - usually older - won't be scared away by the quirky fact the league shares an acronym with a lightbulb, but make no mistake: younger fans will be driven away in droves, doomed to spend the rest of their miserable lives watching synchronized swimming.

Think of the children.

You could even make the bulbs come in team colours-- that would be cool for a game room.

Hmmmm, I like your idea.

CFL marketing dept...take note!

Hey Mark, Oh Mark, where ever you are.......
zzzzzz.....wha'......hunh?........ here I am? What d'ja want?

This is a very good thread Argotom, and, it's very relevant! Here in Ohio I see commercials all the time for the 'CFL's' that can save you money.

Here is a defenition I found:

"Trademark rights may be used to prevent others from using a confusingly similar mark, but not to prevent others from making the same goods or from selling the same goods or services under a clearly different mark. Trademarks which are used in interstate or foreign commerce may be registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. The registration procedure for trademarks and general information concerning trademarks is described in a separate pamphlet entitled "Basic Facts about Trademarks".

So...from what I read here, this could qualify as the "confusingly similar mark"