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Any efforts to actively target a younger demographic is positive.

Shows the new Commish will put his efforts where his mouth is and quickly.

No issue using an American company to accomplish this. There are no better marketers than Americans.

All positive but I still think the route to younger hearts and minds is through a proper, quality CFL video game.

Interestingly enough, they did a video with Andy Fantuz of him breaking a one handed catch record.

It's actually being tweeted a lot on Twitter, and picked up by Bleacher Report.

I suppose the downside is everyone making fun of it, calling him a nobody... Still can't deny they are already getting attention.

Too bad they didn't work with these guys 5 years ago!

Good idea! Some of those Dude Perfect videos done by this company have attracted millions of views on Youtube like this one with Johnny Manziel. Anything that helps generate any sort of cool factor/buzz among the under 30 crowd can only be a good thing for the CFL IMO. Especially in the Toronto market where the CFL is not regarded as very cool at all at the moment.

Any attention to the CFL is a good thing - and the Fantuz video IS getting attention. (The guy does have freakishly huge hands.)

Agree on all counts and while not being a video game guy myself I would definitely try out a CFL one. ( I still have a CFL board game from the 80's that you play with cards and dice). One thing I would include would be the weather to make it even more authentic. Does Madden do that? As I replied to 3Down Nation it would be great to replay the Fog Bowl, the 97 Hamilton Snow squalls, the Winnipeg wind factor etc. not just some antiseptic perfect field game.

It's great the CFL is partnering with a company who can draw the interest from young people, mostly from the U.S. ESPN must be loving this!

Here is the key element of the story:
"It’s important to note this is a partnership, not a marketing deal: Whistle clearly sees a lot of potential in a small, quirky league with a reputation for fan accessibility and an entertaining brand of football."

I think it is great. There is no way it is going to decrease exposure, and most that starts trending online is attention that draws at least some youth in. This kind of stuff is where kids are attracted to to stuff now, not "conventional" media.

The Fantuz video has gone viral with 55,000 Youtube views in the first 15 hours! :thup:

55000 is hardly viral... but its decent for sure.

Viral today is anything over a million.

It might not be viral online, but it is in the sense that a few network sports shows have talked about it. That is a pretty big accomplishment.