CFL: Week 7

After going 4-4 last week and having an overall record on TSN of 20-3-1, I thought I would share my picks week to week for my friends.

Week 7:

Calgary @ Montreal (Thursday)

Calgary and Montreal are both coming off HUGE wins respectively.

Calgary downed the "down and so far damn out of it" Eskimos, while Montreal pulled off a nice win vs Toronto.

With both teams kicking field goals to win, and both defenses playing pretty decent, this is going to be a great game! I am watching this one for sure on TSN.

I like (And I have to say it kills me to pick them two weeks in a row) Calgary in this one. Usually after a Battle of Alberta game, Calgary goes on a roll from the confidence boost they gain kicking the hell out of Edmonton.

Calgary by 11.

Saskatchewan @ Toronto (Friday)

The Rider Nation is in a tizzy after they handed BC their first loss of the season, and rightfully so.

BC is by far the cream of the crop in the CFL this year (and my pick to repeat in the Grey Cup). The Rider's didn't give an inch and took a mile every time they could, and it was often.

Sask is playing tremendous ball right now and unfortunately for Argo's fans, the Blue and While Attack will be Black and Blue Boo-Hoo by the time this one is over.

Sask by 7

Winnipeg @ BC (Friday)

Both teams are coming off losses, but BC is simply too good of a team against Kent Austin's Bombers.

Need I say more? I thought not.

BC by 10.

Hamilton @ Edmonton (Saturday)

Hamilton is coming off a big win courtesy of the Bombers, and Edmonton just plain sucks.

Look for Hamilton to absolutely CRUSH the Green and Gold this week.

Edmonton has no confidence, no coach, no team. If you took them in ANY pool, quit watching the CFL and find something good on Teletoon. You simply don't deserve the CFL this year. Shame on you.

Hamilton pretty much in a walk over... by 14.

I look forward to being 24-3-1 after this week, and a few bucks richer :slight_smile:

Uncle Pete

dont u mean doug berry's bombers?

kent austin is the coach of saskatchewan

but i have to agree with every1 of ur picks


wow is this guy retarded… either that or he is a confuzzled little man also edmonton doesnt suck they are a young team

i have to agree with u on one thing milt....edmonton doesnt suck

they have alot of talent and are young...but i would still say they wont win next week due to injuries to Jason tucker and Tyler Ebell and Shannon Garrett and Dan Comiskey

That didn't bother me nearly as much as his numbers. How do you go 4-4 in the CFL? And if he did go 4-4 last week, how is he 20-3-1? Did I miss something?

Hmmmmm...very interesting.

I also concur. Edmonton doesn't suck and I'm sure the Tabbies will take a more mature attitude into that game than 'webkikr'.

But, Eskies by 15, the Tabbies aren't real.
Seriously, the Cats aren't going to walk into Commonwealth and win.

The Bombers always make me nervous...for obvious reasons.
However, Glenn is a far better an onfield commander than Jackson and they should have their starting defense intact.
The Lions, on the other hand, were the best team but since the Perry incident I believe otherwise.

Bombers by (geez I'd like to say 3 but Westwood will miss) 7 thanks to Edwards.

Saskatchewan? Toronto? Unless Sask chooses to lose this one...Saskatchewan by 463

Stamps Montreal??
I think it's Franks turn to start at QB so I'll take the Als by 10.

Have a great week everyone!



Hmmm........"webkikr" signs up first time today and already has "friends" here? Most odd, as is his math. McMahon are you back?

I'm pretty sure he meant 4 for 4, not 4 and 4.
But I do wonder how this guy thinks he is amazing at picking for the cfl and he doesn't even know the coaches in the league. Whatever.

u do no that Jason Tucker and Shannon Garrett and Tyler Ebell and Dan Comiskey wont be playing against Hamilton right?

Eskies wont be able to run at all with a backup RB against Hamilton's linebacking core....and without Tucker edmonton wont be able to pass as well as they would with him but they still have a good recieving core.....but if they pass basically everytime hamilton will stack their secondary

and without a starting linebacker that will be even more opportunity for Jesse Lumsden to have a great game

Ricky Ray. Trevor Gaylor. T.J. Acree. Ronald McClendon. Sean Fleming.

I think our offence will be just fine.

yea ur passing game will be fine i have to agree with that

edmonton has great recievers even without Jason Tucker

but RonMclendon is nothing special and Zeke Moreno is 2nd in the league in tackles and JoJuan Armour is 3rd

and Shannon Garrett is a starting linebacker..... and the bombers' run defence was ranked second going into Friday and they allowed Jesse to average 18 yards a carry on Friday night

Sorry. A typo. My bad. That was 4-0..

I am retarded because Edmonton is a young team and basically not worth the grass they play on?

Take away Jason Tucker, Shannon Garrett, and Ricky Ray and you have what???? Exactly.. nothing.

LOL.. young team. Thanks for making my point for me.

Hell you should have just said they are "rebuilding".. lol.

How can you say they aren't "worth the grass they play on?" Have you not seen what Ebell has been doing?

And what about Gaylor? He's nobody? And Sean Fleming? One of the best kickers in the league. He's nobody?

I smell an Eskimo hater.

Eskimo hater?

Not even close. I don't hate any sports team.. well... maybe the Toronto Maple Leafs, but that is a different sport and because I am a huge Habs fan.

I go to the Eskimos' games all the time. My kids love them.

I smell an idiot who should get his s*** straight before spouting off.

I smell a troll.

Same here.

I love fan boys who can't take someone else going against "their" team.

You like them, I bet against them...

Grow up and deal with it.

Like I may have said before............welcome back McMahon.

Notice he replies in a way to everyone else, but to my challenge, he ignored it. Silence speaks volumes.

I don't know who McMahon is, but if you live in Edmonton I would gladly meet up with you to prove I am not him.