1st ever event in the CFL.... my sources were exactly right on. Sounds exciting. Great move by the CFL.

they are basically doing what the SEC Football conference does.

you can check out the information at

Honestly.....sounds pretty lame.

its oustanding. lame? this is going to be a huge week. its just like SEC media days. this will attract thousands and thousands. its going to be a huge CFL tradition.

can not wait.

the NFL has tried to do this starting 2 yrs ago but hasn't worked out. NFL clearly doesn't have what it takes to get things done under Goodell. and i've been to super bowls. They are horrible now.

CFL Orridge got it done and this is a huge accomplishment.

The video sounds good . Move it around the country year to year and see it get some play and media talking during the off season .

It can't hurt and is most likely sponsored . Good work CFL .

He did say MEDIA DAY as well but there is zero mention of it. That better be the case cause those things are huge.

League is also involving amateur football during this week. I think it is a great idea.

Coaches, GM's and owners will also be there during this week. I think we would all like to know what they discuss. I wonder if any trades happen that week

Good idea to have this in Regina. There won't be many, if any, non-Saskatchewan folks coming to check this out, as it is in Regina in March - cold and nothing to do outside these events. The good news though , with the very limited entertainment options in that city, this event will be a slam dunk success as those within the city or a reasonable drive away will flock to it by the thousands.

The Last Word

They've got nothing to lose on this. As it stands there's not a lot of excitement around the combine and draft, and this should add some exposure to it. Moving it around each year will hopefully keep it from getting stale.

You just can’t resist taking ignorant cheap shots at Regina. What the hell is wrong with you? Just a jerk by nature I guess.