CFL WEEK 1...your high / low points!

  1. Congrats to SASK. , by shocking almost every one by blowing out Hamilton at their home.
    And next Hamilton play B.C. in their house. Are SASK. , really that good and / or are Hamilton really that bad?
    So much for the pre-season games.

Do I hear 0 and 2 for Hamilton Vs. B.C.? That shouldn't help their attendance. :thdn:

SASK. , beat Hamilton in every aspect of the game. However honestly , who saw that coming? :o

  1. Congrats to the ESKIMOS for beating the Argos [who once again , beat themselves].
    The ARGOS will face CALGARY , HELP!!! At least the ARGOS , will be at home. :wink:

Once again in EDMONTON , the largest CFL attendance and what a class act for having a tribute for RAY , before the game. :thup:

  1. Congrats to CALGARY , who blew out a very , very ordinary looking MONTREAL , team.
    Maybe MONTREAL should have keep Canadian born Q.B. / QUINLAN , after all. :lol:
    Don't worry MONTREAL , you have WINNIPEG , next week at home.

  2. Congrats to B.C. , who will not go 0 and 5 this year to start their season. :thup:
    Winnipeg , face a very mad Montreal team at home next week , so look for Winnipeg , to go 0 and 2?

The WEST = 4 and 0 , something has to give. :cowboy: