CFL Website - Updating 2010 Draft Info

Hi Guys (and Gals)

Can we please have the Draft Info updated to reflect the upcoming CFL Draft in May of THIS YEAR.

Players eligible / Picking Order as of today etc.

Look forward to NEW INFO being posted - even just the facts available as of today.



Oops !!!
What an Idiot ... Sorry Guys, I apologize ... for not taking more time to read !!!

You already have a listing posted of available talent for THIS UPCOMING 2010 DRAFT.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!

NOW if you could just list the UPCOMING DRAFT ORDER ... (inclusive of any prior trades regarding draft order)

Argos will probably trade their #1 Overall Pick anyway but just curious as to what talent will be available.

Thanks guys,


The CFL hasn't updated the draft website yet but here's a link to the Wikipedia page regarding the draft order:

Love the 9th overall pick... Toronto via Saskatchewan via Toronto. :lol: BTW, any idea why Hamilton forfeits the fifth overall pick?

They chose Zac Carlson in the supplemental draft last season. Picking a player in the supplemental draft means you automatically forfeit your first round pick in the next year’s draft.

I didn't even know there was a supplemental draft... :oops:

whats the supplimental draft?

It's the one that supplements the regular draft.

Found this at

11. What is the Supplemental Draft?

The Supplemental Draft is for players who were eligible for the CFL Canadian Draft but their non-import status was unknown until after the draft. These players are made available to CFL teams through a bidding process. Clubs bid one of their Canadian Draft choices the following season; whichever team makes the top offer gets the player and forfeits their draft pick.

Looks like I was wrong about the automatically being a 1st rounder. The same article made reference to the Eskimos bidding a 6th round pick in the 2007 draft to get Jermaine Lee in the supplemental draft in 2006.

The article is from 2007 but quite informative:

There is one if called for .. last year the only Team to take a Player was Hamilton.