CFL website plans

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The commissioner announced that it has given the Ottawa group six more months to get its bid for a CFL team off the ground. They are dealing with stadium issues.

He and Bob Young also announced a new website initiative that will see the league and team websites run by a central company, Young's MRX. More details in the Spec tomorrow.

For some reason, I see this going badly.

At least for the CFL website, it can't get much worse. I just don't like the thought of the league handling all the teams when they can't even seem to keep their own house in order.

Wonder if we will all have to rejoin the forum, I joined back around 2001, then when they changed it up with a new format I had to rejoin in 2005 so my inaugural date is not quite accurate shouldn't have ha to 're-join' in 2005, for all pre-MRX users our joined dates turned over April 1, 2005 but user names remained the same...I'm sure a seamless transition would occur...

They should give the Ottawa ownership group a indefinite amount of time. It is not their fault the city cant make up their mind and if these guys cant get it to work no one can, and we will be stuck at 8 teams for a very long long time. I like the new website idea as well.

and the forum has been revamped quite a few times since 2005…Never had to rejoin

So the sites will have a uniform look like the MLB teams. I'll like to see detailed, sortable all-time player stats too.

How would this be a bad idea? If anything, it may get done for a slightly lower price due to Bob running the show.
Also, how is this site so horrible? Yeah its not overly flashy but when you consider how much less traffic it generates than say the NFL site, it can't be as flashy.

The redesign they did to it halfway through the year was terrible. They put so much scripting and crap on the front page that it takes 10 minutes to load the page and doesn't add anything over the old system.

You can never find anything you're looking for. And when you do, you never know how accurate it's going to be.

The teams are selling a product, so their sites have to work.

If I can hop in here for a sec - we (MRX) have been working with the CFL for a number of years now and just want to reassure everyone that a lot of the new proposed features are great. You will not have to re-register for the forums, as the forums are already part of the MRX database which we are going to be basing the new network of sites off of.

Unfortunately I can't speak to exactly what those features are going to be as of yet. I can, however, say that the teams are still going to maintain their own image and designs (albeit revamped with new tools and better functionality). As always, I'll be hanging around, keeping an eye on the forums so if anyone has questions, I'd encourage them to ask.


I see nothing but positives in this approach to the teams' websites. I think it'll be good.

can you do all of us a favour? change the Moderator rules and how they can interact.

there are complaints going around that the Moderators are not being impartial and doing their jobs first.

I would like to see some major changes in this aspect. and one of my proposals is that Moderators should not be allowed to participate in the Forums.. and if they do, then do not SHOW that they are Moderators to everyone else.

trust me, its an intimidation factor. you feel like you have no ability to confront or argue or anything against them because they have abilities to zap your comments or suspend your account as their act of revenge.

either make Moderators invisible or something..

I have many private messages that are talking about this issue.

I'm sure you would agree that Moderators have got to set an example for the rest of the members of this forum, because of the power they have over regular members. And if they (not all) go around, mocking and insulting and haggling other members for whatever reason, that makes us believe that they are invincible to punishment.

can you seriously look at something please? thanks :slight_smile:

MOM....Billy's bugging me! Mahhhhhh-UM!

I don't get it. What's so "wrong" with the website now. Seems alright to me.

I’ve had my own problems with the moderators.

They seem to believe that unsubstatiated stories ( rumours ) don’t belong on a web discussion board, and I do.

I have a problem with them posting in every new member’s first thread complaining about how the topic is not new ( old / rehashed / “O my god, here we go again” etc ). Not the warmest of welcomes.

They don’t seem to be able to handle any debate that occurs. The forum members can’t seem to handle it either, but any thread that gets into debate, and stretches out to 5 or 6 pages, tends to get locked and the topic banned. I figure a discussion board is there to create discussion, not disrupt it every time it actually happens in the interests of keeping the peace.

You’re not wrong about the type of content and discussion that you often find on forums. But “Government” boards (ie: forums on official websites), such as this one, are always going to be way tamer and conservative than anything fan-run.

could you tell me why a company that designs websites has had a 'coming soon' banner on their own homepage for well over a year?

Simple answer is because we've been so busy trying to improve our clients websites - since to us, our clients come first.

As to all the moderator discussion, I'll mention it to the CFL, however I'm not the person you should be speaking to with regards to the moderators.


You had to know a reply like that was coming...

which client sites are occupying all of your time? :lol: if I needed a contractor to paint my house and the walls on their office building were peeling off i'd have doubts as to their abilities. a website designer that doesn't have a functioning website for over a year.................spin that how you will. :lol: