CFL website is getting worse(merged)

This new website is getting bad.

Half the depth charts don't come up.

The rosters link to the team page which don't list injured or disabled or 9 game players.

You can't search the press releases any more. And when they are put into the news section they are usually two or three days late.

Time for the league to step up and fix these problems.

Problems just connecting to it is something else.

Either someone sabatoging their website (similarly the CFL broadband "service") or this is gross incompetance.

And you'll have those stating that reasons exist.. Good enough, a reason came up. It's the doing something about it part that makes it lousy.

...somehow, I'm not sure how, but somehow I see Calvin Bannister, #19, Defensive Back for the Stampeders behind this problem....

could you have him sent to Hamilton this week?

The website hasn't been working properly for me all day, had to type in the forum address directly.

Its been working fine for me

I had trouble earlier, so I decided to try later.. still had problems getting to the site though.

Hold on to your hat Mike, on this issue I agree with you 100%! Of all the websites and forums I regularly visit, this one seems to have the most technical problems. BUt its not just the technical stuff, it is the content. Lots of good stuff that used to be on the site is no longer visible. Lots of important stuff like details on the SMS, ratio, etc is impossible or difficult to find. Scores taking a long time to be put up.

Its time for an overhaul!

I find it's getting a little better in areas.

Buffering videos used to be a pain but now it doesn't take quite as long.

I have been having trouble loading the first page up to ten minutes. Not just my computer but others as well in various parts of the city. Had IT check the download speeds and the computers have checked out. Other sites no problem opening just this site.

Having the same problems. The ad server and Google analytics seem to be the culprits.

Bobby Ackles dies....and not working... again today.... I come home from work and it's not working... I have never gone on to any other sports site and had this happen accept for That site is loaded full of info...and has piles of I can actually excuss them... besides it's owner is just some joe schmo.... is suppose represent the CFL in a positive light.... instead it is crap.... WAKE UP CFL..... WAKE UP MARK COHON.....
Put Bob Young in charge of NOW.

Sorry if this has been covered, but why in the world does the time in the forums sometimes show up as GMT -12 hours and others as GMT -5 hours? It seems very arbitrary... Just another wonderment from the wonder-freakin'-ful crew. Or is that the crew? Since they seem to be separate but equal. Or some crazy horse**** like that...

Damn.. I just looked back.. said last post was at 1:46 PM. Didn't think I had "breached company policy" by logging on from the office. Then, hey, I realized that it was done at 8:46 PM. cfl webmaster, u like totly rok lol.

Seems like it has been corrected much faster load up time on this computer and the others.

The CFL needs to go to a new width of size, this is old HTML coding, the width of the site should be 1080, not 780 in width.

Check out TSN, that's the width this site should be. I feel like a horse with blinkers on in here.


I just checked out the CFLPA site, it is impressive and has all the proper rosters. Including who is on the practice roster and injury lists.

It appears the players site is moving ahead of the cfl site.

Dead air would be neck and neck with this site.

Heck, there are dozens, if not hundreds of semi-creepy tribute sights to dead celebrities made by fans that put the CFL site to shame....