CFL website complaints

  1. Can we please replace this html picture with the youngster with his face painted up (left side of background picture)? It's bush league and too much red on the website.
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  1. Can we please get rid of the Scotia bank 'thump! thump!' noise that preceeds each game highlight? The thumping I could do without. It's getting on my nerves. That doesn't motivate me to open a checking/savings account with Scotia if I get an irritating feeling from the experience. Quite the opposite to be exact.

The thump thump noise I'm referring to is the occasional Scotia Bank Kid Captain attention getter to get free tickets to the Grey Cup. I'm not talking about the noise that preceeds each team's logo at the first part of the game highlights.

I used to have an account with Scotia when I lived in Canada. It was a good bank that always treated me fairly. I really loved that I could go to many countries in the world and find a Scotia branch. I also really love that it sponsors my favourite league.

As long as we understand each other, this is only a complaint with this marketing video advertisement...and nothing else.

you work for Scotia...don't you? lol


Everytime I hear that … it startles me. It’s like sitting at your desk at work and someone pokes you in the ribs when you are in deep thought.

Can we please not have so many useless threads?... :roll:

sambro, we dont agree on much, but agree. some of the threads lately have troll and lame written all over them...