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This is very confusing are they showing games via the internet? Some games via the internet? There is no schedule. I click on Multimedia then click on webcasts it opens a new screen I then click on Canada and it takes you to TSN I then click on schedule and they have the first 12 games listed. Now it doesnt say if they are available live on the internet or even if there live on TSN for that matter. Can a person pay for games to watch online or buy a season package to watch online. This is extremely poor marketing and is about as clear as mud. Im just hoping that someone at the league sees this and fixes it. Id like to plan what steps I have to take to watch the CFL this year.

Good questions Bobby.

From what I've read HDTV should have all games available online. Thing is I don't have a sniff of what HDTV is? can I watch this HDTV on just a regular pc? Do I have to pay for this HDTV? (I assuming yes)

I know last year all Friday games were broadcast online free of charge on a regular TSN feed, I'm not sure how that will work this year.

Yes it would help if things were a little more clearer.

I have been looking at this as well. The TSN feeds are my life line. Last year they had all the games a few hours after it was over. I really hope TSN have all of the games online for free again.

Yes, please, when somebody knows the answer, please let me know.

I live in Texas, and I am wanting to watch the CFL. Especially during the summer, b/c otherwise I will be forced to watch the most boring sport on the face of the

I am really digging the CFL right now, and I am itching for some good football....How do I do this?

[url=][/url] is also shown as a streaming site, so the games will be streamed here then?

Outside of North America, yes.

In the U.S., only games that are not already on

In Canada, no.

So there will be no games webcast in Canada this year is what your saying. They should take the link out then or state that there are no games available on webcast for the CFL.

I didn't say that.
I said they wouldn't be on
There may be some on There were last year. But not all of them.

Is this new? I don't rember games being streamed on last year. If so, its welcomed news for people who don't have access to ESPN360 or a TV outlet.

If you read my opening comment on this thread you will notice I said it takes me to TSN. At TSN there is a dead end. You would think that both TSN and the CFL would want a schedule of live webcast games or the option to pay to watch them online. Theres just no thinking ahead on both their parts and it makes both look stupid. Take the part that says webcast right out if there isnt any or a schedule. Just try to find out if their putting live webcasts on this cant.

Yes, this was a feature I liked last season. Where is it now?

Clicking through all the links does not reveal a schedule, nor cost.

Then there this schedule:

[url=] ... e_2009.pdf[/url]

Then this:

Which tells us this:
TSN gets Canadian football fans back on the gridiron on Canada Day with its prestigious and all-encompassing CFL ON TSN broadcast campaign, featuring every single CFL game – including the playoffs and the Grey Cup. All regular and post-season match-ups will air in High Definition on TSN HD, and games will also be available on demand at Encore presentations of most games on TSN will air on TSN2 on a three-hour delay. TSN’s complete 77-game broadcast package is part of its exclusive multi-year deal with the CFL, which kicked off last year.

So I think it's okay, just a little bereft of solid information.

go to this link:

Click on the Game Date for more details

Click on one of the game day links, and it descends to show
9 Wed Jul 01 Toronto 0 Hamilton 0 07:00 PM 0
TV Radio Webcast

It just looks like the stream address needs input, and that's likely a server assignment that takes place closer to the date.

I did that and it looks like there will be no live webcasts of the CFL this year. Which is ok I guess just really hard to find the information out. Nowhere does it say to go to the link you provided and click on the individual games it just takes you to TSN. And I guess if they dont have them there is no chance of purchasing them either. How much closer to the season would they need it to be to input that information? Thanks PortCartierArgo guess I wont see much this year.

I also am concerned there is not a solid plan for showing games online

I see a PDF download that shows showing all the games until September on the internet (excluding NA) as they say.

After that there is nothing.

So I am out in Thailand and wonder two things:

  1. Will the games be available to purchase after they are played (I cannot watch them in the middle of the night)?

  2. Is anyone (TSN, Insinc ?) going to show more games? Will they be available for the whole season, as it was in the past with insinc (which by the way I was never able to use anyway as I could not get enough consistent bandwidth.

Really miss being able to see the games and I hope they have put something together to help all the far flung who want to watch.

I believe they stopped streaming games to Canada out of respect for the local blackout.

I remember streaming some blacked-out games and using my AV outs to watch them on TV. Prompting the move to only stream outside North America.

Honestly gentlemen, I believe this is going to appear soon, in a similar means to last year. There are no URL's yet, as there is not an event to stream, and therefore no server assignment.

The Interweb reveals several means of avoiding a geo-block of your location.

Sheesh, it's like we live in a former Iron Curtain country. I can't believe there are still blackouts for this league...

As for international streams, yes bandwith is a problem. Would Slingbox help in this situation?

Slingbox works great, except for blacked out home games.

So I looked at the prices for people to watch outside North America $9.95 USD per game... that is completely ridiculous. Move the decimal point to the left one digit and make it in Canadian funds. But they might as well make it free how many people outside of North America would be watching 50 or 100 not a money maker. I plan on moving outside of NA in a few years theres no way Id evre pay that.

$10 really isn't very much. If they charged only 99 cents it would cost them more than it would be worth just to stream it. I have no problem with them making a few dollars on each stream.

Come on someones goimg to pay 770 USD to watch the season yah right.