CFL Weather Protocol Rules are absolutely ridiculous

Don’t see how anyone could defend these rules

rules. what rules?

we don’t need no stinkin rules

I mean you can’t play with lightning in the area. I don’t see what’s so unreasonable about those rules. I think you’d see the same thing in the NFL or College football, or any other league that plays outdoors.

it’s only a one possession game, and they’re going to give the W to the riders when Montreal Alouettes could clearly still win the game

Yeah, you just can’t mess with lightning. People can and do get killed by it. Anybody who plays in a large open area — such as golfers — will tell you that you don’t want to wait around to find out if you’re gonna get hit or not.

Oh my apologies, I must have missed that part. I thought they’d finish up the end of this game when Montreal visited Saskatchewan later in the season. That is kind of crummy that they’d make it a final. They do have something similar in MLB though, I think after 6 innings if it’s rain delayed too long they make it a final.

it should not be an automatic win for the Riders, if anything it should result in a tie.

with over a 100 games in the MLB, one lost means a less than one lost in the CFL

reminds me of a time that I may have posted about previously here. I was playing a touch football league game at the edge of Winnipeg when lightning could be seen over some of the city. I saw one big strike that seemed ominous. Learned later that someone playing soccer had been hit and killed by it. Freaky

Why? They are up by 7

still time left in the 3rd and whole 4th quarter to play, game is clearly within reach

I am cheering for the riders but I don’t like the idea of them getting the W for 40 mins of play. Shirley they can find a way to reschedule the rest of the game if needed.

But not tied.

are you a riders fan?

I still remember I think back in the 2007 season when Edmonton was in Saskatchewan for a game and it was delayed by lightning. The Eskimo’s were ahead, and then the Riders came roaring back for a big win. I think it was the same game that CBC cut away to show a moving instead of showing the conclusion.

I don’t think anyone wants to see a close game end prematurely because of something like this.

I don’t like winning this way either … but the rule has been in place all season and the time to complain is before the season … not when the rule is implemented.

I thought that they had already finished a game that was already over 1 hr delayed this season?

So they should reward Montreal with a point for something they haven’t earned? Glad you don’t make the calls.

Line has to be drawn somewhere; how long should they wait? 90 minutes? 2 hours? 3 hours? Make them finish the game tomorrow? But is the stadium available? The officials available (they do have day jobs)?

Are you an Als fan? I agree it’s not the best solution but a line has to be drawn somewhere and wherever you put it you will have a situation where the game is called due to weather but 2 minutes earlier it would have been finished. And fans will still whine.

The rule has different guidelines depending how far into the game it is.

For the rider game at home it was before the 1/2 time so it was a 3 hour delay

nah; i’m an NFL fan who has tried to like the CFL, rules like these have no business in professional sports. If anything the game should be delayed and played from the same point another day.