CFL wallpaper for your phone/computer

Wanted to start a thread about what everyone has on their phone/computer's wallpaper if it's CFL related.

This is on my workstation's screen:

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This is on my phone:

Slideshow that changes every 20 minutes.



On my phone, it's pretty zoomed in on the Cup

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I got this one that cycles around on my screensaver.


If their bus broke down after the game, I'd give them all a ride home.

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How long have you been a feminist?

in what??????

You guys are overthinking this. You just throw it out there about giving them a lift home.

but what if they all want a ride?

You let them worry about that. You end up with at least one to get to know as you take them home.

When you stop caring (the particulars of everyone needing a ride home), results come


I like this one too (the fourth gal in the line). My entire screensaver is Montreal cheerleaders.

I like the cutie on the right. I do not suggest having cheerleader screensaver pictures like this at work.

I'm running out of disk space on my workstation's screensaver .