CFL wall posters

having just completed the cfl nation survey, one thing just came to mind that i failed to add in there...CFL posters

kids can get a poster for thier bedroom of almost any star athlete they want EXCEPT cfl players.

there should be posters of Geroy Simon and Robert Edwards available...sell them at games ( as well as ).

kid goes to a game with his old man, sees Geroy Simon score 2 TD's then buys a poster to take home and put on his bedroom wall...

makes too much sense.


Choose any decent resolution photo of your favorite CFL player from the net. Send it to any printing place. VOILA! instant poster ..


I guess its "Supply and Demand". While you and I would buy posters for our Kids / Grand Kids, the big question is, "Is there enough demand to produce enough of these to make it profitable?"

I'm willing to bet that a majority of posters would agree with you. But we are a small minority.

I can answer this and the answer is YES. Print-on-demand technology (wide format 6 colour ink jet printers) can produce one-off posters in an hour. This sounds like an excellent business opportunity. Simply take the orders, print and ship the posters. Profit.

The only snag I can see are photographic rights/royalites, but if a deal can be made with the CFL then it should be VERY doable.

In a similar vein, has anybody Fatheads?

ummm, since when aren't there posters?

I don't know about of individual players, but I have one Of Milt Stegall on my wall. as a Season ticket holder for the Bombers you get a Milt Stegall calender/poster.

Also have one of the 2006 Bomber Chearleaders and a few of the different bomber teams.

I don't know about non-bomber teams but the Bombers have several large framed pictures, possibly posters too, but framed pictures can work just as good.

If other teams stores are like the Bomberstore, more people should be going to their team Stores.
The Blue have a decent selection of 8*10 photos.(atleast 12, although I've seen some in the Bomber store not on their website)

Posters are often given away at games, atleast 1 game a year atleast in Winnipeg for their various sports teams.