CFL vs the world

Just thought I would throw this out there. How long do you think the CFL is going to have a monopoly on the football market in Canada? There is going to be competition for this football market soon and I don't think the CFL is ready. I think they need to make some rule changes or this league is done.


I already think other leagues over power the CFL in Canada. How many kids do you see wearing NFL or NCAA merchandise over CFL? LOT'S! How many people in Canada watch NFL or NCAA over the CFL? LOT'S! It may be Canada's game but the people seem to support the American teams more.

Well I think the obvious thing is to remove the import rule. Get the best talent on the field possible. People don't care where the players are from.

I care. I am a person...

Maybe the CFL should move the goal posts to the back of the endzones...

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I care. I am a person...
:lol: I forget, why do we have to change the game again?

And what stats do you have to backup that claim?

Who needs stats? Just take a close look around when you walk down the street, in a mall, at a theatre, ANYWHERE! There are far more kids wearing other leagues merchandise then there is wearing CFL. Last I heard, the Hamilton Tiger Cats were not out selling the Florida Gators in merchandising.

Actually there was research done and it showed that more people watch the CFL in Canada then any other league, except for the NHL of course. AS for merchandise, I can only talk for Saskatchewan since it's currently where I live and the Riders far outsell any other league in sales including the NHL teams, from what I can see.

:lol: Sorry, stats please.

When I drive around the Hamilton area I see ticats merchandise everywhere. I have yet to see anything for the Florida Gators.

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Real stats say the CFL is twice as popular than the NFL in Canada and the tv ratings back that up. See the latest issue of the Official CFL Magazine and compare the tv ratings after the NFL starts up. The fact is, NFL support in Canada is highly concentrated in Southern Ontario. And I would suggest that otherwise, its a little superficial, given the real stats and tv ratings...

As for the merchandise, the NFL has a really big marketing machine and these days, people believe the hype far too easily.

For sure High about the big marketing machine, they are in every sports store back pocket, if you will, and with all the teams and all the games on TV, the magazines, the betting, big time betting, what I find interesting and great here in southern Ontario, so close to the States, is that the Cats and Argos have made a great comeback and are holding their own agains't this big machine called the NFL, the most proficient major league of all.

The fact is, NFL support in Canada is highly concentrated in Southern Ontario.
The fact is, CFL support in Canada is highly concentrated in Southern Ontario.

Apparantly, S. Ontario has 40% of CFL viewers and are driving the record TV ratings.

Go to Millegeville, Georgia, US OF A!!! and you will find me wearing a BLUE BOMBERS jersey and hat most days, and their is alos another guy that wears a Calgary Stamps hat. So :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

as for moving the goal post, forget it!

I must say that most of my Canadian friends who follow football, follow the NFL. They sneer at the CFL back home (in Winnipeg), and only go to the odd game when there is nothing else to do. They make trips to watch NFL games in Minneapolis and Chicago. I think that the CFL lost a good chunk the generation now in their 40s and 50s. An important demographic, but not as valuable as those in their teens to 30s. I think that all CFL fans should make it clear to the league (who routeenly tries to mess everything up) and the media how we feel about this league. Before something happens and we lose another generation.