CFL vs soccer

After listening to John Bowman talk about how taking a dive in soccer is embarrassing this made me smile. I’m not a fan of soccer I think it is the worst so called sport. Thank God for the CFL. Its an incredible game. Soccer is a joke plus all the crazy racism form soccer hooligans in europe is stupid. soccer hooligans even chant racist crap against there own team. Soccer is know as “the beautiful sport” for some reason. I see it as an ugly joke. Props to John Bowman I’m now a fan!

one can be a fan of one sport and not another without putting that other down. A lot of what you talk about is the fans. Fans of any sport can be assholes. Culture can play a part of where it gets worse. This is not a fault of the game itself.

NA sports leagues are always trying to improve themselves through rule changes and coaching. No reason to expect World Football cant do the same.

I have played a lot of both games for fun and not much difference between them. Of course I favor Canadian football but love the World game as well.

Go Team Canada Women

Not like the ignorance of some CFL fans … ::slight_smile:
You don’t read these forums much do you?

Huh?! On this forum? Where?


Ignorance has something to do with not liking something, dawg? Please explain because I’m lost. If you don’t like something and you’ve given whatever a chance to like it to some extent, whatever it it, you don’t like it, has nothing to do with ignorance.

Hey some MLS fans hate the CFL and some CFL fans hate the MLS and some soccer fans hate gridiron and some gridiron fans hate soccer, some people hate sports altogether etc. It’s not about ignorance, it’s about personal choices and what works for you.

Prejudice, a related topic some might say, well that’s a different discussion. You’ve never given something a chance at all to like, you just don’t like it from the get go with practically zero exposure or knowledge. Prejudice can be ingrained in someone especially from one’s family that has taught you since you born such and such is bad, inferior etc.

I’ll admit I’m ignorant about soccer, I don’t know much about the sport or it’s culture and I was raised, here’s the prejudice rearing it’s head, as to not know anything about it since my father and my family never watched or had anything to do with soccer. Now since that time I have watched soccer and really appreciate the skills of the players but just haven’t been able to get “into” the sport as a spectator with the soccer mentality and culture. Just not my thing. Just like body builders, I really appreciate their physiques and the work they have put into it, but I’ve watched it somewhat and it’s just not my thing, like soccer.