cfl vs nfl

do you think a cfl team like b.c can beat an average nfl team???

Er, not an average NFL team, but maybe one of the poorer teams.

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It's happened 6 times before and the CFL team won only once (Hamilton beat Buffalo 38-21). Although that was 40 years ago.

If they play CFL rules on a CFL field I think the CFL team should win. After all it's a different game and requires different skills to play well. Look at Ricky Williams recently, and Vince Ferragamo previously. Neither former NFL player made much of an impact playing CFL rules on a CFL field.

Agreed, it all depends on which rules are played. NFL-no; CFL-yes.

I would think at one of the better CFL teams could beat an average NFL team. Again, you would have to play two games, one with CFL rules and one with NFL rules. I do think that a CFL team would have an advantage cause a lot of players played by American rules in college or NFL, and few NFLers could play effectively by CFL rules.

A CFL all star team would lose to most NFL teams if they played NFL rules. A CFL all star team would challege or beat most NFL teams. Teams with great QBs and/or recievers would crush the CFL team.

Oh please!
It could go either way!
One time the CFL could win.....another time the NFL could win!

Two different games, two different "flavours", different styles/types of players succeed in each league ... an NFL-style player will not necessarily succeed in the CFL, no matter how much he's dominated in the NFL. It's less that one league has better players than the other, and more that some players fit the Canadian game better than the American game. Although CFL players tend to be smaller, that doesn't mean they're worse than NFL players ... but it would be harder to block someone larger than you.

CFL wins hands down over those chubby, overpaid and under-motivated NFLers... :rockin:

Slightly off topic (insert apology here) but one thing I like about cheering for the CFL is that a lot of the players don’t make much more money than me. I guess I can relate to them easier as people.

Just a ? not making trouble just asking for people who think the talent =. How come there are no cuts from the CFL in the NFL but the CFL is mostly made up of NFL cuts or guys who never were even good enough to get an invite.

Cfl is a victem of nfl bullying, they took out world football league, USFL, and squashed the CFL us expansion. BUT the CFL can still put as good a product on the field, the NFL has a policy of discrediting anyplayer or coach from ANY other league or entity. that may show itself to be equal to it. ITS all corperate, Dont forget the CFL is comprised of half Canadians, who Limit the spaces for ncaa players here , OUR football fathers set up the import ratio, wich garauntees the best product!! IMO

mrmike2273 wrote:

do you think a cfl team like b.c can beat an average nfl team???
No, but they could destroy an average NFL team I think. :wink:

the top recievers and DBs in the CFL arent even close to being as good as in the NFL. The slot back position levels the field a bit when it comes to speed. But is any reciever in the same league as Owens, Ward or Moss. we are talking guys who are faster, stronger and taller than anyone in the CFL game.

And anyone in the NFL game for that matter. :wink:

Good post.

If it were NFL rules on an NFL field. No way.

CFL Rules on a CFL field, Id say the chances are good!

Do you think Herschel that guys like Owens, Ward or Moss would absolutely dominate CFL opponents along the lines how Ricky Williams has done with the smallish CFL linebackers and that.


Yes the elite recievers in the NFL would dominate in the CFL. The Height difference between the average cover guy in the CFL would mean nothing more than airing balls up and letting the big guys come down with them.

Even our best cover guy would be giving up 5-6 inchs to the NFLs average reciever.

I was one who felt that Williams wouldnt dominate in the CFL. I think alot of NFL backs would have problems in the CFL just as next to no backs from the CFL become stars in the NFL. The 1 yd no zone and all the motion in the back feild make for a very different required skill set.

However i think some of the backs in the NFL would dominate (slightly better than guys like reyonds and roberts)