I'm a little upset right now the past coulpe of Years there have been some players in the leauge who have come from the No Fun Leauge and, have assumed that they are going to not only start but dominate but when they get here they do less here in the CFL than they have done in their time in the NFL ,and they never admit that the CFL is just as good if not better than the NFL, and tell me what happens to these NFL players after one season nobody hear's from them agian.

This rant came back agian when the QB for that blue team never gave credit to the Calgary D he just made excuses that he hasn't played a game scince 2005.

OH YEAH what happened to that "NFL ALL-STAR" RB that played in the same place last year?

Thank you Mr. Young and staff for not going that route in your rebuilding process!!

One last point to leave with look at all the players who have made the jump from the CFL to the NFL and be come a key player/All-Star/Hall of Famer's you all know who they are.

I know there is a big size difference but if we were to play the NFL one day and use a combination of rules I think that the CFL would come out on top (and if they want to play four downs)it will be the last time they down play the CFL

But untill that happens only we know who would come out on top!


Like who?

Andre Rison for starters. LMAO

Well, put it this way, Bad Moon always felt he was Pro Bowl-ready, even years after he was remotely close to that. As he found out on CFL fields, t'aint so simple to be lights out here without getting acclimatized to the game.

Having singled out Rison, I would reckon fewer guys that one would think feel they work simply walk on water once coming to the CFL. It's not like the league is viewed anywhere at par with The Big Show.

Most guys come here for the opportunity to play, showcase their skills, and see if there is a NFL future for themselves. I don't think it's viewed as a step up when they arrive here. What most do find out is that it is a hell of a game that gives guys with undervalued skillsets a chance to thrive in a faster, more wide-open brand of football.

Oski Wee Wee,

how about that guy from the blue team last year?

I don't think Ricky ever gave anyone that sense from his public comments at all. Most of the hype was media-driven hyperbole than some fans amplified here and elsewhere -- namely that Williams would be this 2000-yard-plus rushing juggernaut here in Canada.

Oski Wee Wee,

i say the CFL wins on a CFL field and rules
but the NFL wins on a NFL field and rules

Comparing apples to oranges.

Anyone remember the flag football games between NFL and CFL players? I think it had some affiliations with a Christian organization.

Actually, Mr. 420 praised the athletes in the CFL. He was surprised at their quickness and speed (two VERY different things), and strength/power. His only negative comment (actually, quite constructive) is the fact that NFL-calibre players are more consistant in their play.

You need the "NFL with NFL rules" option. I love football and watch it all the time at every level. CFL, NFL,CIAU and NCAA. They are all great in their own way. You have to stop trying to compare these leagues against each-other.(personaly, I think it's an inferiority complex kinda thing)...that said, my predictions are: NFL wins all scenarios. Maybe a close one with CFL feild and rules, but still a win.

Why dont we only allow players who dont have convictions for drugs ,spousal assault , steroids , murder and sexual assault .

Hmmmmm , would they have enough to field a team ? Yes,their better athletes but boy the money sure does affect thier everyday life doesnt it ?? Oh ya another one for the list ..... dog fighting convictions .

Anything else that should be added to the list ?? Please add them if you can think of any ok ??

I think the NFL would win but playing on a CFL field and our rules would really test NFL players.
Think of some of the linemen in the NFL, 340 - 350 pound guys even linebackers in the NFL are going at 240 and 250lbs. running on the bigger field with a much shorter play clock; I'm thinking thier stamina might be tested.

NFL has more talent and they play more consistently as pointed out by sigpig but the CFL games is much faster in terms of play calling and motion.
If they had unlimited motion in the NFL defensive players would never catch receivers off the line.

It's always an interesting debate but I will have to go with the NFL because they are slightly superior athletes