cfl vs nfl vs both re receivers

to me, it is never a matter of if a player who stars in one league is better than a player who stars in the other league. IMO, the best players star in one league and at least do well in the other.

That is one reason by I believe that Fernandez was the best receiver to play in the CFL in the past 50 years. Quite simply, he excelled in cfl and did well in NFL. To me, that makes him better than every CFL receiver who couldn't cut it in the NFL.

There must be others that I am forgetting, but the only other CFL star receiver that I can remember having at least moderate career in NFL is Terry Greer.

CFL receivers don't need to be valuated by their NFL success whether they are great players or not. By that measure, Marc Borichter or Joe Horn might be the best CFL'ers ever...while in reality they couldn't carry Geroy's or Milt's jock strap.

Not all players get a fair shot in the NFL. Many excellent players get released without getting a real opportunity and sign in the CFL. It often comes down to if the NFL team suffers some injuries in training camp, opening the door for a prospect to show his talents. Without those injuries, a potential superstar like Wake, Browner, Freeman, etc, get cut before they can show their stuff. So if these players didn't get a 2nd NFL opportunity and shone, would still be lumped in with other CFL players "who just weren't good enough" because they were cut by the NFL?

Although I do agree Merv Fernandez was the best CFL receiver ever. But that was because how great he played in the CFL, not that he had a 1000-yd season in the NFL.

Chris Williams had the longest reception in the NFL so far in pre-season. Looks like they are going to use him not only as a kick returner but a receiver too.
Who knows, maybe he will be the next ex-CFL, NFL star of the future.

The NFL Marketing dept, learned in the early 80,s that cutting CFL players was good for their brand, I think it was after the NFL strike/lock out, when the CBC foolishly gave the CFL broad cast rights to NBC, yes gave them for free!

Are you joking ? please find one piece of info to back this claim up . The NFL does not care what the CFL does. We are not in the same planet as the NFL and what they can do financially. Very simple, you pay somebody 1 million a year or 85 k , where do you think the best of the best will be ? We have some great receivers in the CFL and a handful that can play in the NFL . I love the CFL and will always watch CFL over the NFL . But once again these stupid threads comparing leagues is ridiculous. By the way , Stegal and Pitts better than Fernandez !!

Of course NBC got the CFL for free back in those days. The CFL would have likely happily paid NBC just to gain the exposure down there on network television. It is not as if the ratings were very good back in 1982 for NBC as they cancelled after three weeks. NBC thought so little of the games that they even left a CFL game early to go cover an Olympic qualifier track and field meet.

I think somebody wearing an NFL related hat or jacket or something must have done something bad to massdestruction when he was younger because he seems to irrationally see an NFL bogeyman at every corner. NFL marketing ordering teams to cut CFL players - give me a break!

this thread has nothing to do with comparing the leagues. Simply saying that to be considered the best, IMO, a player should have proven himself accomplished in both leagues. You need to gain some comprehension skills.

Stegall and Pitts I would be tempted to name as number 2 and 3, but they were basically one leaguers

uncalled for and inappropriate, Pat.

As for making comparisons, I couldn't be bothered. The way I see it, they are different types of players, playing different games.

It's not exactly apples to oranges, but you get the point.

Actually that bogeyman comment was said tongue in cheek. Apologies if for some reason it did not come across that way and was interpreted as insulting.

The point I was trying to make is that if one were to review numerous comments by massdestruction - not only the ones in this thread - there is a strong anti-NFL pattern so fervent that at times IMO it crosses into the irrational. An example of that being the last one saying NFL marketing ordered coaches to cut CFL players. That is simply such an absurd comment it actually results in me (and I assume lots of other readers) giving the poster's other NFL criticisms less credence - when some undoubtedly are worthy of some serious consideration or discussion.