CFL vs NFL halftime acts

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click link to vote for the better halftime acts from previous years.

What about Black eyed peas in Edmonton a couple of years ago - that was the WORST half time show.

The Who definately the best ever.
The Stones in 06 was a close second
Or maybe U2 in 2001
Macartney in 05 was good.
Beyonce in 04?
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson? good too.
Chubby Checker in 1988?
How about 98 with Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, The Temptations and Queen Latifah

So hands down the Super Bowl miles ahead but -they have the money and can bring in the stars

Small corrections, Black Eyed Peas were in Vancouver, not Edmonton. Trooper was greatest half time show ever in CFL.

fixed that for ya :cowboy:

Trooper?? :thdn:

60,431 of us who were there would disagree with you! :cowboy:

Nickleback or Madonna? Is that really a choice or some kind of medieval torture.

In most years I’m taking the Grey Cup over the Super Bowl. Super Bowl is inside or in some warm sunny locale while the Grey Cup is most years outside in the bitter cold.

One question, I saw a commercial during the Calgary/B.C. game on the half-time show. Beiber, Jepson and Marianas Trench were all featured but no mention of Gordon Lightfoot. Has he been dropped from the show?

We can only hope :wink:

i thought the same thing. i'd select 'neither', if it we're an option. but i chose nickleback, as they have guitars and drums. atleast there is some degree of talent there.

Some form of rock n roll, but talent? I’m not sure about that.

from your post, i'd say you were talking about

Fixed it for ya! :cowboy: Annoying or childish, take your pick?

who cares?

Iighten up :wink:
You must get tired of being so miserable.

Who’s miserable, I just would appreciate people not messing with my quotes. I won’t screw aroung with yours, dont’ mess with mine, I don’t appreciate it. First time was cute, after that it is more annoying every time.

Grumpiness comes when your old enough to afford your own computer. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

Why do some CFL fans , feel they have to compare our league to the biggest and most lucrative league in the world the NFL? We are not even a blip on their radar,not even in same universe. Tom Brady makes more in one year than every CFL teams combined payroll. Enjoy the CFL , it's truly our game and the Grey Cup is truly a fans dream compared to going to a Super Bowl. The worse our halftime acts are, the more Canadian I feel. Our league is unique, special and steeped in tradition. Thats good enough for me.

I messed with ONE of your quotes. Don't pop a vein over it.
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The Super bowl is always played at an enclosed venue or in a warm Rerion. If this grey Cup were to be held out west n the prairies I doubt very highly that they would have been able to sign all of these acts for halftime.
Hopefully the Riders will have the ability to enclose their venue sooner than later giving each region an enclosed facility to host the Grey Cup