CFL Vs NFL football size


I was just reading that topic metric/english and it made me wonder why CFL doesn’t have the same Ball as in the NFL. I think that NFL is older than CFL. So why we didn’t decide to use the same one.

What is the pro & con of both ball ?

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The demise of Spalding meant an end for the J5V. The CFL now uses the Wilson ball. The only difference in the NFL and CFL ball is the CFL ball is dimpled and has white stripes.
The old J5V was a bit wider and was a better kicking ball than the Wilson. The Wilson cuts the air a little better so is easier to pass.

The CFL is older I believe. Well at least the Grey Cup is. First Grey Cup awarded in 1909, whereas the NFL wasn’t formed until 1917. I have no idea when the CFL was formed.

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Gives the history of the CFL and all the teams

from what i have been told the CFL is the oldest pro sports league in North America… can anyone verify that?

I have heard that too Blazer, I’m not sure if there’s any truth to it though… anyone want to help us out?

The CFL Has Been Around For Much Longer Then The NFL Which Was Only Formed Around 1968 (I’m Too Sure On The Exact Date As I Don’t Have My Notes With Me) When The NFC And The AFL (Now AFC Merged). The CFL Has Been Around Since 1909 Even Though There Was Only 3 Teams In The League, I Beleave They Were The Argos, Hamilton Tigers, And The Balmey Beach Club (Again I’m Without My Notes So I’ll Double Check)

The CFL Ball Is Actually Wider Then The U.S. Ball Which Makes It Easier To Catch But Harder To Throw, And This Is Because Both The CFL And The Leagues That Were Around In The U.S. Used A Ruby Ball At First And Since The nFL Came After They Took The Ball That Most Of The Leagues Were Using And Made It Skinnier.

The CFL has officalil ben around since 1958. The NFL has been officail around since 1950, but the current NFL (NFC Vs. AFC) has been around since 1970.

  • B.C. high school teams play american rules and use american balls.
    -every other province plays Canadian rules and uses Canadian footballs.
    except Newfoundland which uses imaginary footballs in all games! That is why their scores are higher on average compared to the rest of Canadian high school football.

Yeah Kanga Your Right. The CFL Was Established Jan 17, 1956 While The Canadian Football Council Was Established Jan 22, 1958. However The HFBC Later To Become The Hamilton Tigers Was Formed In 1869, Montreal Was Formed In 1872, The Argos Were Formed In 1873, And Ottawa Was Formed In In 1876. That’s Half The League That Was Around In 1958 So I Figguse That’s Almost The Same As Saying That The CFL Has Been Around Since 1907 Which Is The League Of The Big Four Which Is When I Feel Was The True Starting Date Of The League That We Have Now, The Only Difference Is That Before 1956 There Was No Board Of Goveners.

Winnipeg became a Pro club in 1931 when St. John Blues and thwe Winnipeg Bombers meaged to become the Winnipeg Pegs (WTF!) but became the Blue Bombers in 1937 (and everyone knows that story.) but they were a Rugby team since 1870 or 1867. I know for a fact that their the secord oldest team in North America, after the Argos

PS I’m kidding about the St. John Blues and Winnipeg Bombers, though is would be cool if that really happened.

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Too bad about the spalding brand of Football, I saw a CFL spadling brand of football on ebay a few weeks ago. I enjoy the kicking asbect of the CFL than the passing.

However, since there is more passing than kicking in the CFL, it makes sense to switch to a ball that is more pro passing than kicking.

The CFL and NFL balls are pretty much the same except the CFL ball still has the two distictive white sprits with made the ball look fatter and more rugbyiest. am I right everyone???

You’ve Got The General Idea But Some Of Your Dates Are Wrong.
-1869 Hamilton Foot Ball Club Formed

  • 1872 Montreal Foot Ball Club Organized
    -1873 The Toronto Argonaut Football Club Formed
    -1876 The Ottawa Football Club Formed
    -1880 Winnipeg Football Club Formed
    -1933 The Winnipegers And St. Johns Amalgamate
    -1936 Formation Of The Western Interprovincial Football Union Which The 'Pegs Joined Under The New Team Name: The Blue Bombers.

The J5V was in fact a larger ball than the Wilson. It had a bit more girth so you had to grip it a little bit farther back on the laces. It kicked like a dream though.

CFL’s older

It also says October 10, 1868 First written accounts of a football game, played on the Ste-Catherine Street cricket grounds in Montreal.

We used a RUGBY like ball in the beginnig , because we had a more kicking type game than the U.S. game .

The oldest football club in the world are the ARGOS who have been around for over 135…years…Hamilton has been around 130 years…

The oldest team trophy in the N.A…is the YATES CUP in Canadian college.

the oldest riv…is HAMILTON vs. TORONTO. :smiley:

Other than traveling to Canada, how can you buy a CFL football from the US?

Well The First Documented Game Of Football Was On Saterday November 9th 1861 In University Of Toronto, Although This Really Has Absolutly Nothing To Do With Way The CFL Ball Is Bigger Then The nFL Ball.