Cfl Vs Nfl... are we done yet?

Thank god the CFL is well above the level of the every way.

ArgoTom and Earl.
I think we just have to accept this as the Canadian way.
I mean the one guy who says the CFL isn't at the level of the NFL?
It just makes you shake your head in wonderment.
Like what country is he talkiing about?
CFL is bigger then the NFL in Canada. Its a proven fact, Yet they can't comprehend that.
And I don't get people who hope that a sport from another country is more popular in Canada then our own.
They seem to revel in trying to promote that fact. Even though its not true?
If it wasn't so sad it'd be funny.

Agreed. But unfortunately as Canadians, inferiority complexes come with being canadian as well. Enjoy our game...let the idiots, who probably know nothing about the game anyway, preach their misguided love affair with all that is american.

Remember, in the 80's these guys probably drove around in Pontiac Fiero's, and called them 'Ferrari's'...

I will always watch the CFL over the NFL. The CFL game is more exciting and teams can't kill the last 2 minutes by kneeling down. But as far as skill , the NFL is a level ahead of the CFL . That doesn't make us minor league or less worthy, the games are different and the CFL brand is better to watch.
The CFL is currently hurting for QB's we have 3 good ones. Burris, Ray and Calvillo. The rest are very inconsistent. Durant may be coming in to his own. Let's be realistic here, the best players in the world will be attracted to the much bigger money. How can anybody argue that fact ? Burris, Ray and Calvillo would all be in the NFL if they were not all cut. They couldn't even stick around to hold a clip board. They weren't even close to the starters job and all were given a honest shot.

This is what Bob Ackles had to say about the 2 leagues, he spent parts of 40 years in both the NFL and CFL . All he did was evaluate talent.nothing else ! Nobody had a better insight to both legues than Ackles. He loved the CFL and before his untimely passing , he was very concerned about the NFL possibly coming to Toronto. He made calls to politicians and owners ,pleading with them to leave Toronto alone. He was worried that a few greedy people in Toronto would end up screwing the 8 cfl teams.By bringing in a NFL team. So , the statement below came from a pro CFL guy.


That was from Ackles book. He makes it quite clear through the whole book that his first love was the CFL and the BC Lions.

im totally not about making the comparrison on talent and all that. i heard a great interview with the player personal gentleman of the stampederes. and he made some great remarks about how a great Nfl player isnt nessisarily fit for the cfl, as the game is too different. as a rugby fan, you can really see the camparisons, way more then the NFL. but thats a whole other topic i think.

i did email a local alternative radio station about them trashing the cfl and pumping the nfl, mainly cause of gambling(i reminded him you can do a proline on cfl as well). in return he said he locved the stamps, hates the league because only 8 teams, only two miss playoffs. also told me to stop telling them what to talk about (LOL from me) and was mainly offended that i basicly called him uneduated on canadian football, and said the only big stories in the cfl are when nfl players come to play in the league.

i thought the cris Jones vs the edmonton ofensive co-ordinator after they both werked in montreal was a great story. and many other stories like that in the cfl. i know the cfl isnt as "big" as the nfl. but i fell like fans are flocking to the nfl because it is bigger... see the issue?

Well that's his take on things canadianhothead and that's fine of course, his universe. But it's weird because in my universe I just want to get more info on the CFL and players and love all the news I can get, it's all important news to me well usually anyways, and with just 2 teams not making the playoffs out of 8, I find that very interesting as it puts way more pressure on teams to make it and again I find that more interesting than say when 16 out of 30 in the NHL make it, you sort of say oh well it's tough to make the playoffs maybe next year. You don't say that in the CFL, you get very upset because of the more "ease" if you will of making it. But as I say, to each his own.

We should be proud ,we have one of the oldest sports leagues in the world and not worry about the NFL. I watch the NFL , but I have no favorites. I always laugh at some of these wannabe NFL fans, with there jersey and a players name on the back . They have never been to the American city,have no connection to the city, but it's the cool thing to do. A bunch of clowns !
I called a guy out a few years ago, wearing a Tampa Bay jersey at the lounge we were at. I asked him ' is Tampa on the East or West coast'. Said they were in California ! WOW !

i feel as though not just the sports media, but the media in general wants every sport to fall into some sort of same mold. like you say, its his take and opinion, and i guess i should respect that, but its hard to respect uneduated opinions. just a note, the stamps have more season ticket holders then jacksonville this year from what i understand. perhaps the NFL isnt as superior and unstopable as everyone thinx.

We are over half way through the season and no team has clinched a spot, or is elimanated. The crossover, keeps things interesting untill the final couple of weeks of the season. That's all you want from any league. It's also important in a gate driven league, like the CFL. The Bombers are only 1 game out of a playof spot. Although that could be too much :lol: But it will still help the team sell some tickets.

Since i can't watch the CFL on tv down here, I rely on a person located in Winnipeg who streams live via one of those tv websites. So far everything had been going great. His feeds were crystal clear and he was showing every game. Then....the NoFun season started this past sunday and he totally ignored both Sunday CFL games to show nfl! I just can't wrap my head around the fact that probably every Canadian could watch the nfl on their own tv's just like we can down here, so why would you stream the games that everyone can see anyway. This person is Canadian and completely blows off his own league on Sunday's for nfl games. He has a schedule up on his site that clearly states he was supposed to show every CFL game this year. And since i rely on his feeds to get my CFL fix, u can imagine how upset i was that both games were blown off. And of course there are two more games this coming Sunday that i'm sure i won't see. He did this last season too but i can't find CFL games anywhere else on the 'net. So in keeping with this thread, it's not just the media but some fans as well treat the CFL as a second class citizen.

you are right, it is the people as much as the media.

Yes you're right it is a free world and people can say whatever they want. But we are talking about CANADA'S game here. Do you think for one minute that the american media would diss the nfl the way the CFL is dissed in Canada? The average joe as u put it needs to start voicing themselves to these stations and papers that continuously disrespect the oldest form of Gridiron Football while living in THE country that gave the world Gridiron Football! It really is a travesty.

you cannot convince CFL Haters at all that the CFL is a good game, has good product and is entertaining to watch!, it's virtually impossible!

how do you get cfl haters to stop talking when your havin a conversation with smart people about a great game? im sure we all werk with them... talkin about a game and the pilon says "what, you guys didnt watch real football this weekend?

I'd just say "ya ok. go watch the No Fun League"

Yes there is American media that disses the NFL, theyve dissed the referring, and many other factors in the game. Not everyone in America is all over the NFL as their first choice many follow the NCAA alot more closely.

My point is who cares if Canadians or particular people in the media knock the league its their right to prefer the NFL, for me I enjoy both leagues very much. Ive heard alot of sports media say nice things about the CFL. The NFL has the best players in the world theres no dispute and if thats what makes them the best in the world, NFL is a superior league talent wise. As for rules, there are rules in the NFL I think are better, but also think the CFL has a number of rules that make their game great.

The NFL love will never leave,to me my opinion is what matters not anybody elses so it doesnt bother me.

but also think the CFL has a number of rules that make their game great.

I would choose the saying "our game" rather than "their game" if you live in Canada, just seems more accurate to me but I'm no English major. Minor point and really not important I suppose. :wink:

NFL has the best players in the world? Gee, considering nobody else in the "world" plays American football, thats not really anything to boast about, is it?

My point is who cares if Canadians or particular people in the media knock the league its their right to prefer the NFL,

That may be but it's also super unprofessional to live and work in one country as media people and constantly push and support the football from another! Does anyone besides me see a problem with this?

I know what you’re saying geo but as a friend of mine who worked as a broadcast journalist at a radio station once told me, and this guy was well educated, very well read and was class all the way, the media business is full of people who while seemingly are very intelligent and classy and all that, are anything but. The business is full of grease balls and slime buckets who basically just schmooze their way to get a job in the business but don’t have much upstairs. He said it was sad. So while we might think some guy working at radio station X or TV station Y has it all together and is well rounded in his/her education and outlook, it may not be the case at all. Not that they shouldn’t like the NFL, not at all, I like in some respects, but the small put downs and slights towards what is their own in their own back yard with a rich and traditional history, is unprofessional but then as I say, most wouldn’t even be well read enough to know that the Grey Cup is near 100 years old and know any of the history behind it. Scholars most are not. Just the way it is I’m afraid,

Yes, there is a problem when the journalism profession is at the same level as a strip club operation in some cases, many cases perhaps but again, not much we can do about it. And I’m afraid sports attracts probably, again in some cases, the low end of individuals of the profession.