Cfl Vs Nfl... are we done yet?

i dont know if this happens to anyone else, but everytime i start talking about the awesome CFL games lately, especially the first and third battle of alberta games, i keep hearing, "oh thats not real football" or, "sorry, i was waiting for the real football season to start." im not saying i hate the inferior game played south of the boarder, in fact, i will ever watch a sea hawks game if there is no new cartoons on television or gossip girl is a re-run. but i honestly cant handle even the radio stations now over promoting the "monday night game at hooters" and so on. and i feel like the radio stations are even bashing on the cfl. why not do a "hooters friday night cfl?"

Im almost running out of arguments. i just tell people that i am finding it trendy to bash cfl and talk about how awesome the nfl is. so anyways, i was hoping you guys would have some similar stories, and maby some ways to deal with the douch-bagery.

I posted this on another CFL Forum yesteday. The CFL needs a National beer sponsor and have Friday Night Football in pubs and bars. All I hear on the radio for a week now is Monday night football this and that and where to go to watch. Nothing about the CFL at all except a little at Grey Cup but nothing like MNF. A poster with the schedule on it would be nice to see in a pub.

isnt molson canadian a sponsor of the cfl now a days? i do try to only drink gibsons finest whisky.

The CFL needs more than just a beer sponsor. They need a deal with a sports pub chain. Boston Pizza sports pubs have an awesome Monday night football atmosphere with deals and little games for prizes. I'm not an NFL fan and didn't go to BPs for the MNF, I used to play in a darts league that had games in BPs. They did Monday night football up right.

If the CFL could get a restaurant like that instead of Wendy's (although having Wendy's on board doesn't hurt one little bit) they'd be laughin'.

I remember last year listening to Power 97 in Winnipeg when it was nearing the start of the NFL season and one of the DJs was talking about how excited he was that football was starting soon. The other DJ said something about being able to watch CIS and there's always the Bombers and the first DJ said, "no … FOOTBALL!" (Putting a lot of emphasis on it and basically implying what the original poster had brought up.) That really p*ssed me off.

Over on the boards there are always trollers who gotta put in an NFL plug right in the middle of all the pre- and post- game trash talk, too on the CFL boards. I wish would crack down on those douchewagons.

There's nothing more Canadian than hating on Canada and wishing you were American though, right? :frowning:

Just got back from a trip out to Calgary and BC doing the Rockies. Canada rocks, CFL rocks, and the CFL is part, a big part, of what Canada is all about for me, driving past McMahon Stadium today on the way to the airport, a great sight.

Let the naysaysers who want to put the CFL down just go in one ear and out the other, forget them and be your own person I say.

i'd have called him up and ripped him a new *******

how dare he on Canadian Radio, insult the CFL and Canadian Football.

I did that here in Kelowna with an email to the station... never even heard back.

You have to remember also there are a lot of ignorant people out there who lack brains so to make themselves feel important they put down people and things and one of those things can be something right in their own backyard. Small people who makes themselves look stupid and ignorant, ignore these sorts I say, they aren't worth your time to get upset about.

Agree 100%.
And the sad part is how most of these US wanabees are really not sports fans and couldn't have a meaningfull discussion about the game of football.
Their main objective is to bash the CFL.

Hi Earl, sound like you had a great time.
I did that trip a few years ago, except flying to Edmonton(game at Commonwealth), then driving to Jasper , Banff and to Calgary but unfortunately the Stamps were not playing however I stopped at McMahon and saw the practise. In fact, Jim Barker came over and spoke to us for about thirty minutes. What a great guy.
We then drove to Vancouver and watched the BC Lions game.
I love the West and hope to retire there one day.

Having watched a ton of CFL and not much American football till this year, the one thing I've noticed is how painfully slow the NFL and College games seem with the 40 second play clock. It's almost like watching a baseball game. I do like how there's so many more games to watch, but they just seem to take forever.

Also, it really pisses me off that the broadcasters refer to the Steelers as 'World Champions'. What's up with that?

Love the west as well- not sure I'd retire out there. Then I do have quite a way to go before that happens.. lol. Calgary and Vancouver are a blast.
Last game I saw out west was BC Lions vs the Argos. Have a lot of family in Vancouver and Kamloops... all Lions fans of course. There's no accounting for taste. Took a lot of abuse that day. Kind of reminds me of this forum...

Anyways - saw a Detroit ions game last year and a couple of Bills games. I'd take the CFL over that any day.

Well, the Super Bowl champs are the world champions of American football and it's time to start calling the Grey Cup champs the world champs of Canadian football I think.
Can you imagine the look on some people's faces when we start saying the xxx's (Tiger-Cats hopefully this year :wink: )are the world champs! That will cause some Canadians to have their brains short circuit right on the spot. 8)

I'd love to retire out west too, but it is expensive, interestingly while the house prices in say Jasper are expensive, rent is fairly cheap, I suppose to get people who want to work to go there since maybe a lot of people retire there who have money, I don't know. Just beautiful, wish Argotom I could have taken in a Stamps practice or better yet game but timing wasn't there.

Whats worse then people glorifying foreigners over our own is those always calling for changes to our games because they differ from how its played somewhere else.
The CFL is an obvious example. With those whining how 4 downs are better. 50 yards is better then 55. Blah blah blah.
Or look at hockey. We are turning OUR game into a soft brand of Euro hockey. Where good old fashioned tough Canadian style hockey is being legislated out in favour of cutie pie boring non emotional European style hockey.
We are always bending over backwards to please other people, while ignoring the fact these sports are hugely popular in this country just the way they are.
How we stop this? Who the hell knows.

Excellent post berezin and for sure, who the hell knows? I don't have a clue, there are times I don't know what country I'm in. Example, wife and me take a vacation the past week out west doing the Alberta/BC rockies and guess what, we meet more Germans and people from the Netherlands than we do Canadians, and the people running the bed and breakfasts and motels are unusually Canadians. Ok, I know it's a cheap holiday going to the Caribbean in the winter for all inclusives and getting hammered on the beach but really, I felt I was in Germany in our own country and this is seriously, and seriously sad in some respects.

Another example, I'm wearing a CFL t-shirt in Hamilton where a CFL team exists and I get some responses from people in the grocery store like "hey, CFL is ok, not bad". Hmmm, excuse me, it's the league in the country you live in idiot! Oh boy, I don't know and yes, I don't have a clue except to say Canada rocks and CFL rocks and hockey rocks (NHL doesn't rock except it's great talent to watch, I'll give it that but that's it). The CHL and all the leagues that make it up rock and are way better than the NHL where they like desert hockey and promote it over where teams should be. That's Bettman and the NHL for ya though, give me CHL hockey any day, are you listening Hamilton when the NHL gives the final push to Balsillie to go die in the Atlantic or Paciific or wherever, they don't care as long as the man goes away, they hate him for trying to bring the NHL to southern Ontario, sacrilege to the NHL and Leafs. Garbage Bettman and the NHL, not hockey, just Bettman and the NHL. I do not want to spend a dime of my Canadian money on that league called the NHL that couldn't care less about Canada and Bettman's persona may as well be that of a back street holigan slime bucket make a dime off a chick if you know what I mean, he comes across like that to me.

The NFL vs CFL thing will never end I personally dont care I love the NFL and everything that goes with it, and enjoy the CFL as well. People have the right to diss the CFL whether it be radio station in Canada or the average joe. Its a free world I know people that diss NHL hockey but like the WHL I dont lose sleep over that, as would I that do the same with the CFL. Ratings and interest is up for Canadian football thats all that matters to me, but the CFL will never be at the level of the NFL so deal with it.

Very good post berezin.
I am afraid though to answer you, "the genie is out of the bottle".

Very good rant Earl and true if I may say so.
But typically Canadian we sold out our hockey a long time ago to the Americans who do not know which end of the stick is up.
Like everything so dear in this country, sport culture etc., I am afraid there is no more bastion or very little left that we can truly call Canadian.
Long live the CFL.
Long live the CFL and shame on those who regularly sell out to the "foreigners".

but the CFL will never be at the level of the NFL so deal with it.

Actually agree 100 percent red assuming you mean the CFL is at a level above the NFL, and I'm being dead serious to be honest.

Yes argotom, a wee bit of a rant, hey I'm on holidays still, well until tomorrow when I go back to work, so I'm allowed, n'est pas? :wink: