CFL vs MLS on TV tonight

The BC Lions are going head to head on TV with the Soccer Whitecaps tonight. Lions on TSN, Whitecaps on Sportsnet One. Any way anybody can find the ratings for tonight when they come out so we can see what team really is stronger even though we know? We know the US TV ratings are stronger for the CFL but I'd like a factual comparison of them going head to head on TV with 2 teams from the same city.

Nationally about 10 to 1 cfl over mls. In B.C. probably 4 to 1 cfl over mls would be my guess for the ratings.

I think that's about right, rcon. :thup:

I haven't seen any Canadian ratings for the MLS since the exhibition game vs the English soccer team or was that last year? I think they want to keep them a secret to prolong the illusion of grandeur. BBM used to publish regional Top 30 weekly breakouts but they've cutback on their availability. Any news reporter who dares to publish the TV ratings (especially if they might be unflattering to the Jays, Bills or TFC) is soon shown the door. :expressionless:


First, the Whitecaps is 1 of 3 games tonight, Toronto on Sportsnet One and Montreal on TSN both before the Lions game, and second......who cares! All 3 CFL team have a higher avg attendance this season than do their MLS counterparts. As for TV, the CFL is averaging just over 760k a game while the MLS set a new Canadian TV record this year at...............wait for it............541k. Even in the states they only just broke 300k average.

So tell me again, why is anyone worried about com... :lol: compe.... :lol: competition from the MLS :lol: :lol: :lol: .

I guess i've kinda been arguing with some people on Twitter that were attackin me and the CFL so i was looking for some more facts besides just the US TV ratings obliterating MLS when the CFL doesn't even have any teams down there.

I actually had an argument with Pete Schaad the actual Whitecaps broadcaster lol. He was just ripping the CFL so he got me royally pissed i guess? lol I guess its not a big deal the MLS is nothing really. I'll just let the baby's have their 50% league owned bottle.

My CFL stats are from and the MLS stats were from a news piece about the record ratings. The American ratings were from wikipedia so they are the only ones that may be off a bit.