CFL vs MLS argument on twitter

Just got into an argument with one of the broadcasters for the Vancouver Whitecaps @PeteSchaad

He was trying to tell me that I am ignorant for saying the CFL is the highest form of Canadian Football in the world and the NFL is not necessarily better and a CFL team could beat an NFL team on Canadian Rules.

I informed him of the TI-Cats beating the Buffalo Bills in the 70's I think it was.

I also informed him many NFL players come up here and fail. Ricky WIlliams was one of their best RB's and comes to the CFL and can't even top Joe Smith of the BC Lions and NFL Europe, remember NFL Europe?

You can check it out if you want or chime in.

I basically got really mad when a Whitecaps fan had the audacity to take a shot at the NHL and the Canucks and i'm like there's FAR more talent on the Canucks than the Whitecaps or any MLS team.

My points were

CFL is the highest form of Canadian Football

MLS is the fifth highest or worse soccer league in the world and is not even close to actually being considered MAJOR league. As they don't play a different game than the other leagues and aren't as good as them, so what below what the ECHL would be in hockey?

NHL is clearly the highest form of hockey and is far above the MLS in any way shape or form.

Hamilton beat the AFL Buffalo Bills in the early 60's, a CFL team has never beaten a NFL team

Yes but they did become the AFC not long after did they not? Isn't that pretty much the same thing? They might not have been a good team in the NFL but they still existed the same as previous years kind of thing until they got better?

I still believe that if they played an entire Canadian rules game that the CFL would be a lot more comparable to the NFL than people think and with a team of half Canadian players are we as Canadians not going to stand up and say hey we're just as good at football?

It is 2 different games. The CFL likely wins in CFL rules, NFL in NFL rules.
Different number of players + different size of field = different playbooks
More plays run in a CFL game on a wider field equates to an endurance simply need to be smaller in the way those big LBs last a full game in the CFL, especially when the roster drops to 42. Same goes to CFLers...they would get beat up against bigger players in NFL style games.

They are similar games, with very different athletes at certain positions.

As for MLS...whatever...I wish them and their fans the best. If they become the biggest spectator sport in NA, kudos.

Not all NFL players would be successful at the CFL game, theres good and bad players in both leagues, but history has shown from the games in the 50's and 60's when players in the CFL at times made more money then their counterparts in the NFL, the talent pool has and is better in the NFL. That one game between Hamilton and the AFL Buffalo Bills who weren't a very good team was the only time the CFL won a contest against an American Professional Football League. Hamilton that season was 10-4 finished first in the east, and lost in the Grey Cup, Buffalo was a 6-8 club finishing last in their division.

The AFL was not as talented as the NFL, for example during 1967 season before the merger they played exhibition games NFL won 13 games lost 3. It would be like the WHA versus the NHL, theres stars on the WHA but the NHL is a far bigger and talented league over all.

The AFL only played the CFL once, and that was the highly touted Hamilton victory before then the NFL played the CFL six times and won each game by a large margin.

I love the CFL, but if the NFL played a full game under CFL rules the CFL being competitive is not realistic. I know under the NFL loan back in the early 2000s the grey champion was to play the winner of the World Bowl in the WLAF but that never happened.

The MLS is a small league but for NA standards its the biggest soccer show here, some fans just get too excited, like CFL fans that look at games in the 60's and think because a crappy team in a new professional league called the AFL loses to a CFL team that means the CFL could compete with the NFL in a all CFL rules game. Its nice to dream

I posted a link in the 'RedBlacks 10,000 tickets' thread for a RedBlacks radio show.
They interview a RedBlacks scout who explains what he is looking for when he attends NFL camps.
He says players who are not playing in the right position. Explains how cam wake was playing one position in nfl camps and failed. Was brought up here to try a different position and had great success. He also looks for players with more speed, or are getting cut just because they are about to quality for the nfl pension. etc.
Very good listen.
Sheds insight into this topic of nfl players vs cfl players.

Speed is a big key...the LB spot between the leagues is the one majorly glaring difference in what a club looks for in a player.

I find it silly to compare NFL and CFL, just because of the numerous differences between the two. The offensive line and the defensive line, for example, require not only different skillsets, but different body types as well. Both leagues have great athletes, and I think that's all you need to know.

I agree with all of your points exactly. It all started when a guy dissed the Canucks and i said the MLS wasn't even the same calibre as CFL in terms of the particular height they are in their respective sports.

The Canucks are NHL and thats the best hockey league.

The Lions are CFL thats the best Canadian Football in the world.

The Whitecaps are MLS a 5th or 6th best soccer league in the world maybe even less i'm not sure. They might be "pro" but to put it in hockey terms they'd be far below an ECHL type "pro" league.

The MLS is definitely not one of the top soccer leagues in the world, mainly because there are just so many really good leagues that have been around for a very long time. However, I would rank them far above something like the ECHL. There are teams in the MLS whom could compete with the lower half teams of the EPL, the La Liga or any other major league. The Los Angeles Galaxy could probably hold their own againt Wigan, Stoke City and the like, but would never be competitive against Manchester United. I don’t think you could say that any team from the ECHL could beat Nashville, Colorado or Tampa Bay. Many players from MLS move on to one of the other major leagues. The US and Canadian National teams are loaded with MLS players and the US team is doing quite well in international play. You don’t see too many ECHL players on the US or Canadian national hockey teams. In my opinion, the MLS is in the same league as the Japanese Baseball League. The JBL is a good domestic league that on occasion sends players to the MLB.

Since soccer is played around the world, the talent pool is much deeper than any other sport with a pro league in North America. So, the MLS isn't even a top 10 league in the world. There are 4 leagues in the top tier - la liga, EPL, Serie A & Bundesliga. There are a couple of leagues that cycle back & forth as a top tier league like ligue 1. But between leagues ranked 7-20 where MLS fits in, the talent spread narrows.

So it is silly to compare MLS to the ECHL since the soccer pool is so deep. MLS vs EPL or la liga is similar to the relationship between the CFL vs NFL even if it might ranked 15th best league.

MLS doesn't have the top tier talent as it doesn't pay top money other than to 1-2 players/team. Probably the top 5 players on an MLS team would make an EPL team but not the rest because MLS employs salary cap while nearly all other soccer leagues are basically free market.

In friendlies, MLS is generally competitive vs EPL or la liga teams. they win some but generally lose most even though MLS is in mid-season form while the European teams are in pre-season training mode.

I don't know much about soccer other than there are way more soccer players in the world than gridiron players for obvious reasons but I would think any comparisons between the CFL and MLS are difficult for the reasons people have mentioned.

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